Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 0 Belfast Giants

Good evening and welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Giants in Cardiff Bay

OJ here in the MNL studio as the Devils attempt to build on last weekend's 4 points

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All texters reported for duty

Dean Smith is the referee

The Giants are wearing red sweaters

Warmup over

Luckily we are not watching this game live, Giants are in Red & White, Devils in White & Red

Big cheer for Brad Voth

Anthem being played

Decent crowd for a midweek game

A win for the Devils tonight will set us up nicely for tomorrows trip to Coventry

3 wins is what I can do with at Ffos las races tomorrow

Devils start wth Latulippe, Hill & Michel: Romfo & Hartwick

McMorrow not on starting line

Crowd is noisy. lets hope they keep it up

We are away

Devils 2nd line : Voth, Miller & Finnerty

Giants penalty @ 1:33 - Peacock - hooking

Murphy saves from Finnerty at back post

Devils penalty - Lyle - holding

Lyle penalty was @ 2:30 - interference not holding

Giants return to full strength

Giants offside @ 3:49

Birbraer served Lyle's penalty

Finnerty & Birbraer mess up a clear scoring opportunity as Max returns to ice

Game time 4:03

Giants penalty

Phillips - holding @ 5:32


Finnerty ppg

Time of Devils 1st goal 5:49

Scored by Finnerty assists Birbraer & Voth

Slap shot from Finnerty

MCVmorrow has his first shift

Devils offside @ 7:13

Another Devils icing @ 7:21

McMorrow fell over when puck was dropped

That was on his one and only shift so far

Good save by Murphy frpm Jarvis @ 11:24

Devils offside @ 10:17

That earlier 11:24 was in fact 8:36 - texters repremanded

Tap in by VOTH for DEVILS GOAL

Devils 2nd Goal scored @ 10:48

Assists for Finnerty & Jarvis

Birbraer nails a Giant

Phillips it was who was flattened

McMorrow has another shift after Devils goal but didn't do anything

Murphy juggles a Voth shot

Finnert elbows Miller yes Miller and apologises


Devils 3rd goal @ 13:57 scored by Hill

Un assisted other than a massive error by Murphy

Voth & Finnert playing well together

5 minutes left in 1st period

Chants of "Get the Donkey on the ice" at the Tent

McMorrow has his thrid shift

He seems to get a shift after each Devils goal - very strange

McMorrow ignored by team mates when in the open, pass goes the other way

Lyle saves from Peacock

Gametime 17:10

Fine save by Lyle

Another massive open ice hit by Birbraer

Giants icing @ 18:07

Lyle saves from Walton as we go into final 2 minutes

Have the Giants given up as MCMorrow is on again

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Giants 0

At the end of period McMorrow chipping away at Michel who gives it back with interest

No emails to MNL other than from Ruth, who is at the game anyway

2nd period underway

evils dominating opening minutes of 2nd period

Giants icing @ 22:40

McMorrow trying to instigate a fight with Voth at face off, Voth ignores him, McMorrow trudges back to the bench

Szwez fans on a shot much to the amusement of Devils fans

Giants offside @ 25:53

McMorrow goes for Hartwick after whistle by linesmen jump in

Ben Davies getting regular shifts

Lyle saves a Giant tipped shot @ 27:57

Michel & Hill create a great chance on a 2 on 1

Thornton tries to check Birbraer comes off 2nd best

McMorrow tries to check Michel misses then when he has puck Michel floors him

Devils penalty - Michel - boarding @ 29:05

Jarvis has shot saved on a 2 on 1 sh break

Smith has a chance

Devils kill penalty with ease

Devils throwing massive hits only Thornton hitting for Giants

Giants icing @ 32:02

That was an enforced icing from the Giants as they needed a break

Devils penalty @ 32:23 - Finnerty - slashing

Hartwick & Szwez have a dance

GGiants penalty @ 33:29 - Szwez - roughing

Devils return to full strength and go on pp

Giants return to full strength

4 minutes let in 2nd period

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 0

Whilst the Devils have dominated both periods to date they didn't create as many clear chances in the 2nd compared with the 1st

3rd period underway

SoG Devils 14 + 8: Giants 15 + 5

Giants offside @ 40:53

Devils penalty @ 41:27 - Jarvis - hooking

Smith fans his shot on a 2 on 1 sh break

Devils return to full strength

You wouldn't think it was the Giants pressing for the league title if you saw them tonite

Devils penalty @ 44:21 - Hill - tripping

Murphy having repairs done to his kit

Change on Devils 2nd goal, 2nd assist goes to Smith

Smith in place of Jarvis I assume

Towe having a rare shift, now on the pk

Save by Lyle, 2 secs of penalty left

Szwez face washes Jarvis and he is then subject to abuse as he passes Devils bench

McMorrow now tries to fight Miller

Devils back to full strength

McMorrow now mouthing at Devils bench

Hes probably upset that nobody wants to play his silly game

He should go to Barry Island or Weston super Mare , there are plenty of donkeys there

Giants have a 3 on 1 after a Devils turnover, they mess it uo completely

Faubert now picking on Miller

Ref having words with McMorrow

Devils penalty @ 49:02 - Latulippe - tripping

McMorrow turned down by a laughing Voth

Sneeky suspicion that Miller might take hiom om late in game

Gametime 50:12

Devils have relaxed a shade too much

Gametime 52:35

Birbraer beats a couple of Giants back hander saved @ 52:53

Devils icing 53:17

6 minutes left in game

Devils icing @ 55:00

Giant player gets floored a team mate floors Devil

Penalties @ 55:14 Szwez (Giants) - x-checking: Hartwick (Devils) - boarding

Richardson takes shot to leg @ 55:40 and goes to dressingroom

Richardson blocked a shot and paid the price

Giants penalty @ 56:12 - Faubert - hooking

3 minute left in game

Devils offside @ 57:14

Hartwick & Szwez return


Goal scored by Smith, assists Jarvis & Miller @ 58:13

MCMorrow is out on the ice

Murphy saves a 2 on 1

30 secs left

Davies goes close with 8 secs left

Final score DEVILS 4 Giants 0

Vipers have beaten Panthers 5-4

Giants MoM - Faubert

Devils MoM - Stevie Lyle

Our thanks go to our texters - Sharle, Paul, Devils2001, Merthyr Devils, Wildthing and Andy Blaze - you did us proud as did the team

Remember to join us for MNL tomorrow night as the Devils travel to Coventry and try and delay the Blaze march to the league title.

Chris will be you host as I shall be making my way back from racng at Ffos Las probably with empty pockets as usual

Until I am with you again GOOD NIGHT from me OJ