Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 0 Hull Stingrays

Less than 90 minutes to round 2 of Devils v Stingrays so make sure you join me OJ on MNL if you can't make the trip to the Tent this evening

All my texters have reported in so we are ready to rock & roll

For a change lets thank our texters before the game as without them we would not have MNL

Tonight reporting from the Tent we have Sharlene, Paul, Merthyr Devil and Devils2001

No game predictions so far

Also no attempts at the question I posed for you on the Forum

With a bit of luck the Giants will srat on sofrening the Panthers before the CC Final, Giants winning 1-0 deep into 2nd period at Nottingham

Still no texts where have you all gone

Warm up drawing to a close at the Tent

I shall repeat my question on here: - Who was the mid season Devils signing that would have made his debut at Hull if the BIHA had down their job and registered him as I had given them all the details etc more than 24 hours previously? Answers to

Zamboni chasing its tail

Panthers now winning 2-1

David in Belfast predicts a 3-2 win for the Stingrays

I've sent that message of yours David to the Devils dressingroom, I'd stay in Belfast if I was you

I belive the referee is Mr Smith. awaiting confirmation

Take note you Devils that is the way to talk to the referee - good eveing Mr Dean Smith, how are you tonight, I hope you had a good journey and have brought you specs with you

We have had too many blind mice in the Tent recently

Mr Dean Smith has the whistle (minus a pea I hope)

Rebecca in Belfast sees a 5-2 win for the DEVILS

No Voth or Knight tonite

Correction Voth is icing but it looks as if he doesn't have the C anymore

Mark Richardson has the C

PA announced that Richardson was Captain

If this is a permanent change it is a FIRST I believe as I can't recall any other established Devils captain being replaced

We are off for the 1st period


Waiting for the time

Goal at 16 secs scored by Jarvis assists Birbraer & Smith

Lets hope that we haven't already had the game highlight

Open game so we should have more goals

Hull hit the post

Hull icing @ 5:48

Devils dominating the game but no more goals

The airways are busy with speculation on why Voth has lost the C

Maybe Mr Smith's whistle has no pea after all

Andrew calls a 5-1 win for Devils

Bad turnover from Devils in their zone, wrist shot Hull, glove save Lyle @ 7:03

Hull penalty @ 7:49 - Hutchinson - holding

Devils offside on pp @ 9:08

Hull kill penalty

Devils lines 1st - Smith, Birbraer, Davies 2nd - Latulippe, Voth, Hill 3rd line -Miller, Michel, Finnerty

Hayes rotating with Hill

Towe rotating for some shifts on 3rd line

Hull penalty @ 11:07 - Cloutier - x checking

REferee is down and rolling about on ice

Jarvis misses a chance at back post

Latulippe breakaway, glove save

Hull return to full strength

Haven't a clue to what happenned to the referee - I think he tried to avoid a shot and fell down

Hull penalty @ 13:27 - Esders - slashing

Now then DEVILS get that pp into overdrive

That last penalty might have been against Mitchell not Esders

Plenty of possession for Devils but no penetration

Mitchell confirmed for last penalty

If you want to go for a cup of tea do it in the first break as I having a feeling that something slopy might take place then

Gametime 16:14

Romfo stops a 2 on 1 break

Pull kill penalty

Devils offside @ 16:33

Apolgies to the lads it was Hull who were offside then

Jarvis shot from point tipped over bar @ 18:24

Michel sends Halkidis flying with a great check

Devils penalty @ 18:53 - Smith - slashing

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0

I told you to go away and have a cup of tea, I have had to suffer some poor bloke proposing to his girlfriend on Devils TV at the tent, her answer was two words

On St Valentines in 1993 the Devils beat the Panthers 11-7 at the WNIR with Hilton Ruggles netting a hat-trick in the first period

MNL is trying to get an official line on the change of captain

I don't know whether to believe this SoG for 1st period Devils 13, Hull 1

We are off for 2nd period

Finnerty has a sh chance but shoots wide

Penalty killed

Hull penalty @ 20:58 - Bench minor - too many men

Hull had been playing with 6 skaters for at least 30 secs

Devils offside @ 21:53

Still no answers to the question I posted on the Forum

Hull return to full strength

Come on you Devils give us another Goal

Blaze winning 2-0 against Steelers

Devils icing @ 25:57

Devils having all the play but nothing to show for it

Hill has chance after Hull turned over @ 26:03 - back hand shot saved

Devils penalty @ 28:57 - Michel - 2+10 - check from behind

Hayes sitting out minor pen

Lyle save

Devils penalty @ 29:51 - Voth - hooking

Hull have 5 on 3 for over a minute

Devils kill one penalty

Devils return to full strength

Finnerty has a back hand sot saved

Devils penalty @ 34:10 - Smith - slashing

Latulippe has a sh chance and he shoots directly at Hull netminder

Hull pp is awful

Devils kill penalty with ease

We are lucky Hull pp is so bad as Devils have been shorthanded for 7 minutes already this period


Devils 2nd goal scored by Miller I believe

Devils 2nd goal @ 36:56 scored by Miller, assists Finnerty & Voth

Supposedly Voth has been stripped of captaincy as punishment for last week!!

2 on 1 for Devils foiled by a leg save by Stingrays netminder


Devils 3rd goal scored by Latulippe

Assist for Jamie Hayes

Additional assist on Devils 3rd goal goes to Jarvis

At the end of 2nd period - DEVILS 3 Stingrays 0

3rd period has started

Michel returns to the game

Hull icing @ 42:18

Hull penalty @ 43:14 - Huppe

SoG 2nd period Devils 13 Spingrays 8

Huppe minor was for tripping

Another un-productive pp for the Devils as Hull return to full strength


Stingrays complaining about goal

Waiting news of whether it stands

Details very slow coming thru for some reason

Hull back up in net

Fight - Voth v Bunns

Clear Voth win

Voth celebrates win

Miller killed netminder but goal counts

Penalties - Voth (Devils) Burns (Stingrays) 5 minute (Fighting) = 2 min (illegal equipment) @ 46:08

Hull penalty @ 47:21 - bench minor - too many men

Devils 4th goal was scored by Miller


So that there is no confusion Voth got a 5 minute major for fighting as well

Devils 5th goal @47:35 scored by Jarvis assists Finnerty & Birbraer a ppg

Hul Penalty @ 48:17 - Esders - tripping

Hull penalty @ 49:48 - Mitchell - slashing

Hull penalty @ 50:14 - Cloutier -

Devils 6th goal @ 50:21 scored by Birbraer assists Jarvis & Smith - ppg

Cloutier was called for a x-check

Voth returns to the ice

Devils giving plenty of pp icetime to Davies, Hayes and Symonds

Cloutier returns to the ice aims a check on Hayes who sees it coming sidesteps and Cloutier falls on the ice OH OH

Around 1,500 in Tent tonight

Texter thinks Voth & Cloutier might go any minute

Cloutier out to kill one or more Devils, slashes Voth who has words with him

Hull Penalty @ 55:41 -Silverthorn - tripping

Hull breakaway stopped illegally

Devils penalty @ 55:56 - Romfo - slashing

Devils offside @ 56:59

Finnerty being held by lineman at the benches - mouthing off at Hull bench


Devils 7th goal scored by Finnerty - ppg

We missed a penalty for Hull - Burns x-check @ 57:41

Devils 7th goal @ 58:16 scored by Finnerty assist Jarvis

Devils offside @ 59:07

Final score DEVILS 7 Stingrays 0

Well done Stevie Lyle - shut out

Stingrays MoM - Jason Silverthorn

Devils MoM - Matt Miller

Miller deserved the MoM for killing the Hull netminder

Devils player of the moth - 3rd Finnerty: 2nd Michel; 1st - STEVIE LYLE

Our thanks go to Sharlene, Paul, Merthyr Devil & Devils2001 for their excellent coverage of tonights game

That all from me OJ make sure to join us on Wednesday night on MNL when the Giants hit Cardiff Bay