Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 0 - 1 Edinburgh Capitals

Good evening and welcome to MNL as the Capitals visit the Tent

OJ here in the MNL cubicle to bring you a much needed win to lift the gloom that has desended on Cardiff after the events (losses) of the last couple of days

Any score predictions can be sent to

My texters are raring to go confident that they can bring us the victory

Warm up underway, in fact more than 50% compelted

Zamboni going round in flattenned circles

Very quiet onthe e-mail front, only a single prediction so far 4-1 to the Devils says Sian

Mark Smillie predicts a 5-3 win for the Capitals

Lets see if we can disappoint him

Ice is ready

Capitals take to the ice

Followed by your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

David Mercer in Belfast is hoping for a Devils win, so are all of us David

Michael Hicks has the whistle tonight

Jessica calls a 4-2 win for the Devils

Team announcements completed

Puck is dropped

Devils start with Miller, Finnerty & Towe; Harwick & Romfo

Devils penalty @ 1:30 - Birbraer - interference

Devils 2 on 1, Miller shot saved

Capitals penalty @ 2:10 - O'Connor - x-checking

Suggestions that Caps penalty was a correction for a poor call on Max

Devils kill penalty

Devils have 40 secs of pp

Smith misses

Capitals return to full strength

Caps offside @ 5:03

Caps exerting prssure on Devils

Andrew Sharp is on the Capitals bench - thats where he has stayed so far

Devils penalty @5:47 - Towe - holding

Devils kill penalty

Puck leaves the ice, fan throws it back and nearly takes out one of the linesmen

Highlight of the period so far

Capitals keeping one skater high at all times

Caps beakaway after Jarvis tripped

Devils penalty @ 10:56 - Jarvis - tripping

Maybe he wanted to show Hicks what had happenned to him earlier

Devils penalty @ 11:25 - Smith - slashing

5 on 3 for the Capitals

Devils return to 4 skaters

Devils back to full strength

Devils are tempting fate as Finnerty could easily have been called for a slash

Respite - Capitals go offside

Game time 13:55

Puck goes behind Caps netmindere but Smith can't get to it

Devils penalty ' 15:26 - Voth - slashing

Capitals look better on 5 on 5 than on pp

Where have we heard that before?

Devils penalty @ 17:22 - Latulippe 2 - high sticks +10 minute misconduct

When will he learn?

Voth returns but Devils still on PK

Last minute

End of 1st Period DEVILS 0 Capitals 0

Thats what you call excitement!!

Looks like Voth has also got a 10 minute misconduct at the buzzer for mouthing off to referee

If they can't understand "Keep you mouth shut" can someone show them a picture with a mouth stitched up

Devils 10 minute misconduct for Voth @ 20:00 confirmed

2nd period underway

Devils are at full strength but Latulippe & Voth are in detention

Caps penalty @ 21:11 - Hutchins - slashing

Lets get that pp goal Devils

Capitals return to full strength

Glove save by Lyle @ 24:16 from a Hutchins wrist shot

Capitals Goal scored by Fussey @ 28:20

Assist for Garside

Latulippe will return first stoppage after 29:22

Caps penalty @ 31:32

Horne - tripping

Devils have Voth & Latulippe available - for how long I ask

Caps penalty @ 31:49 - O'Connor - delay of game

5 on 3 for Devils

Big pressure from Devils bu Caps clear their zone

Caps return to 4 skaters

Caps return to full strength

So much for 1:43 of 5 on 3 pp

Caps icing @ 34:10

Caps penalty @ 35:01

Lefebrve - holding

Devils penalty @ 36:58 - Voth - boarding

Well it took almost 7 minutesfor the next penalty

Devils back to full strength

End of 2nd period - DEVILS 0 Capitals 1

SoG for 1st period 12 each

Teams out ready for third period

Come on U Devils give us a goal (+ win)

3rd period starts

Crowd very quiet at the Tent

No shift for Sharp yet

SoG for 2nd period - Devils 13 Capitals 7

Its looks as if Hicks calls are confusing players and texters alike

Caps penalty @ 45:11 - Horne - interference

There was a delayed penalty, Devils had possession but referee whistles down the play

Finnerty complains and gets a 10 minute misconduct

Devils offside @ 47:04

Capitals return to full strength

This is on a par with watching paint drying

I hope they wake up all the fans in the Tent before they lock up

I am having e-mails, texts etc that it is the most boring game at the Tent for a longtime

Ref needs glasses says Ruth by e-mail

Gametime 51:02

Puck trickles along Caps goal line but stays out

Devils almost score after puck comes off Caps helmet and just misses net

A fight might get some life into this game

Lets be having you Sharp

Caps penalty @ 53:19 - Smith - delay of game

Devils time out @ 53:19

Rudkowsky stick save @ 53:57

1 minute left on pp

Smith messes up and Caps clear their zone

Devils have 6 skaters on ice which goes un noticed

It was noticed apologies Devils bench minor @ 55:05 - too many men

Caps kill penalty

Finnerty back

4 minutes to go

Puck out of play @ 56:51

Devils kill penalty

WE need that goal NOW

Puck leaves the ice @ 57:41

Called as delay of game but puck was hit out from neutral zone

The standard of refereeing is the pits

Devils penalty - Finnerty - delay of game @ 57:41

No matter how hard they try Devils cannot bury that biscuit

Caps icing @ 59:01

Get Stevie off

Devils return to full strength

Lyle was pulled for last 20 secs

Final score DEVILS 0 Capitals 1

Capitals MoM - Rudkowsky

Devils MoM - Stevie Lyle

Our thanks go to our texters at the Tent - Sharlene, Paul, Devils20012 & Merthyr Devil

Thats all from me OJ until the next time