Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 4 Newcastle Vipers

1 hour till face off! Chris with you tonight and as always I can be reached at

From newspaper articles it sounds like Vipers will have both Jorde and Hughes in the line up tonight

Devils expected to be missing Michel and Adams again through injury :(

Should break the 2000 viewers mark for this weekends games tonight, good times indeed for The-Inferno :)

20 minutes to go, anyone alive out there?

It's very very quiet tonight...

Maybe we won't break 2000 :S

Definitely no sign of Adams, not sure about Michel

I'd have expected some sort of press release about Michel coming back, but you never know, it might be a secret

Like how the remembrance day jerseys cost the club 60 each...

Players out, Vipers number 12 in total

No Michel :(

Darnell in control today - Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

Adams not icing either, hopefully he's on the bench though!

Vipers now have 14 outskaters, almost 3 full lines!

Devils only number 15, so Vipers aren't at too much of a disadvantage

Anthems done, almost time!

And here we go!

Puck immediately out of play at 7 seconds

Devils offside at 50seconds :S

Several texters reported that Voth didn't get half as big a cheer during player announcements as he usually/used to!

Devils in control for the first minute

Seems we had a Vipers penalty at 0:56

and now...


Vipers penalty was timed at 0:56. Gouett 2mins for cross checking

Devils 1st goal was timed at 2:34. Latulippe from Jarvis and Miller \o/

Goal came from rebound which Latulippe just chipped over a floundering Robinson

Oooooooh, Voth misses 2on1 opportunity

Holland nails Romfo against boards

Game is all Devils at the moment

Lyles first save near the 5minute mark

Devils goal was of course a powerplay goal

Devils penalty at 5:45. Romfo 2mins for interference

And the Vipers score :(

Vipers powerplay goal at 5:51. Campbell from Tjechma and Mahrle

Devils penalty at 6:30. Hartwick 2mins interference

Vipers offside at 7:33

Devils very aggresive on the penalty kill, creating lots of chances

Devils offside at 8:12

Vipers powerplay not as good, Devils penalty kill much better!

Ooooooooh, Latulippe short handed attempt saved

Latulippe had 2on1 opportunity but lost control

Vipers penalty at 9:12. Tjechma 2mins for holding.

Powerplay looking good for the Devils, smart passing and shots

Devils goal washed out :(

Darnell blows up too quickly and puck dribbles under Robinson :(

Delay in game as boards are fixed

Game restarts, come on Devils!

Devils penalty at 10:39. Miller 2mins for elbows

Fans not happy at all with the call

Vipers at full strength and get a breakaway, fantastic save from Lyle denies them though \o/

Devils back to full strength \o/

Jorde holds onto Miller, Darnell watches, no call :|

Robinson makes 4 or 5 good saves before Vipers can clear the puck

Come on Devils!

Lyle save at 13:38

Puck out of play at 14:20

Devils called for icing at 14:40

Vipers icing even

Devils with the pressure, Vipers unable to cope :)

But the Devils do go offside at 14:47

Very quiet down the rink tonight, everyone is disappointed at the 2 losses so far this weekend I guess

Vipers icing at 14:57

Vipers called for icing again at 16:09

Darnell appears to be picking and choosing which penalties to call

Vipers scored with 2 men in the crease, but Devils can't even skate through the crease without Darnell blowing up

Big Lyle save at 17:20

Vipers offside at 17:47

Fans seem a tad fustrated that the game isn't really flowing

Latulippe steals puck mid ice after some poor passing from the Vipers but Robinson makes a great glove save to deny Latulippe his 2nd :(

Another glove save from Robinson, Hill with the shot this time

Final minute of the 1st

Robinson playing really well so far

End of the first period, Devils 1-1 Vipers.

Devils look the better team but the game is very scrappy

Incase you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the Stone testimonial website which can be found at

Robinson really playing well so far tonight, his glove save on Latulippe a thing of beauty :)

Darnell very inconsistent, doesn't seem to know what to call...

Officials back on the ice

Both teams back on the ice...

and we're off!

Shots on goal for 1st, 14 on Robinson, 10 on Lyle

Vipers icing at 20:33

Vipers passing not been so great this game

Devils penalty at 20:49. Davies 2mins for interference

And the Vipers take the lead :(

Vipers gained a break away on PP and proceded to score :(

Vipers 2nd goal timed at 21:37. Berry from Mahrle.

A poor line change from the Devils gifted Berry a breakaway :(

Text from game says Berry came in from the side, deked and backhanded puck into our net :(

Maintenance time, the highly specialised equipment that is a water bottle, a puck and brute force is required to fix a hole in the ice

But we're off again, come on Devils!

Devils finally putting some pressure on the Vipers, but seem to always end up stuck against the boards :(

Vipers dumping puck out of zome and defending, Devils constantly attacking but not really creating anything

Vipers called for icing at 27:32

Oooooh, Smith puts the puck wide after a ass across the crease :(

Devils hit the pipework!

We're getting closer, can only be a matter of time before we equalise surely?


Knew it :D

shot that hit the pipework came from Hayes!

Devils 2nd goal at 28:33. Hill from Latulippe and Hayes

Voth is on the ice, just awaiting Darnell to call him for some made up penalty

oh look...

Devils penalty at 29:36. Voth 2mins for slashing.

Fans are madder than a sack of badgers

Vipers player skated into Voth, so Darnell calls Voth for slashing

seems some of my updates are going missing, hit F5 just incase, although if it all makes sense then don't bother :)

Blaze currently leading 5-0 against the Stingrays at home, hattrick for Fulghum and 2 short handed goals for the 4th and 5th!

Devils penalty killed \o/

Voth almost had breakaway chance when leaving box, but pass was rubbish and Vipers regained possession

Maintenance time again, the problematic patch of ice behind the nets is requiring treatment again

I wonder if Darnell can find a way to call a penalty on Voth for the hole in the ice?

play resumes, 8minutes of the 2nd left!

Another big save from Robinson denies Miller

Apparently the ice is suspect so they're bring an ice in to make it thick tonight...

Devils fans finally making some noise after the 2nd goal

Yet another big save from Robinson, this time denying Hill at 34:14

Finnerty looks to be injured... :(

Big save from Lyle at 35:29

Finnerty tried to check a Viper but came out worse, has headed straight for dressing room

Devils penalty at 36:01. Smith 2mins for high sticks

Smith penalty killed without incident

Darnell has taken a puck to the leg and is limping badly, so far behind the play it's unreal

Robinson save at 39:58 and that's the period over

Robinson stopping everything and the Vipers defence really looking good :(

Finnerty didn't make an appearence for the rest of the 2nd period after skating off :(

Refs back on the ice, almost time for the 3rd \o/

Both teams back on the ice, the dodgy hole in the ice seems to be fixed

Finnerty has appeared for the 3rd, not limping so fingers crossed!

and here we go with the 3rd, GOOOOOO DEVILS!

And Finnerty is back on the ice, wahay :D

Robinson unsurprisingly makes the first save of the period at 41:38

Devils 3rd line tonight consists of Finnerty, Towe and Hayes

Devils called for offside at 42:22

Devils penalty at 42:48. Voth 2mins for interference

Devils have a 2on1 break, but a random line change sees that end... Fans left confused

But the penalty is killed, which is nice :)

Vipers offside at 45:08

Hill leaves the ice straight for dressing room, texters not sure why

Devils 1st line is Smith, Birbraer and Voth, 2nd line is Jill, Latulippe and Davies

Game has become very very boring according to texters

That should be Hill, not Jill :)

Robinson continuing to stand on his head

Devils penalty at 46:31. Voth 2mins for cross checking

In other news, Steelers have just 7-2 vs the Capitals...

Devils penalty at 46:53. Finnerty 2mins for boarding

Fans really not happy with that call

Vipers have a 5on3 for 1:39 thanks to Darnell :(

Vipers miss empty net

And then score :(

Vipers 3rd goal at 48:23. Berry unassisted. PPG

8 seconds were left on Voths penalty :(

Vipers putting pressure on the Devils now


Devils 3rd goal timed at 50:47. Miller from Towe and Romfo

And Vipers take the lead again :(

Vipers 4th goal at 52:41. Kralj unassisted so far

Additional assist to Vipers 3rd goal though, #83 is added but I don't know who that is

Vipers called for icing at 53:27

Devils looking tired

Vipers #83 is Kralj, so add him to Vipers 3rd goal :)

Or should that be :(

55mins gone, 5minutes to stop the-inferno exploding into a mega rage of doom

Blaze win 6-1 at home vs Stingrays, this could turn out to be a bad weekend indeed for us

Good lord, the Devils have a powerplay, texters believe Darnell may have got the teams mixed up

Vipers penalty at 56:37. Campbell 2mins for holding

1minute of powerplay gone...

Penalty killed


Seems the penalty wasn't killed, my texts make no sense

Devils 4th goal at 58:12. Miller from Romfo and Latulippe

I think one of the earlier goals, possibly the 2nd or 3rd should have been assist to Richardson rather than Latulippe

Devils 4th goal was a powerplay effort

Vipers call a timeout after the Devils 4th goal


Devils 5th goal at 58:49. Miller from Latulippe. Hattrick goal!

Robinson pulled!

Hill misses the empty net /o\

But the Devils win, just...

Devils made very hard work of the win, but they take the points

Vipers man of match goes to #33, unfortunately not sure who that is

Devils man of match goes to Miller unsurprisingly :)

Seems Vipers man of match actually went to Kralj...

Confusion reigns!

Anyway, that's all from myself, am off to get some milk! Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

Chris out.