Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Good evening OJ here in the MNL box hoping to bring you coverage of the Devils game at Hull

Unfortunately we have none of our regular texters available tonight so I have to rely on a kind offer from a Stingray fan who said he would text me

As yet I have no confirmation of wheth that offer will come good

If anyone out there knows someone at the game let us know by emailing me at

If you do that I can e-mail the MNL text number to them/you

We will be bringing you updates of the ENL Devils game

No score predictions tonite as I am tying to ensure we have coverage

For the ENL Devils v Oxford City Stars I will differentiate with *

Teams are on the ice at Hull

Slight delay apparently

Face Off time as usual is fiction

I assume the game has started and there haven't been any goals or penalties

I only expect to be able to bring you goals & penalties plus maybe a bit of chit chat

Apologies for this but I haven't heard a dicky bird and can't raise any texters

Getting my texters organised for the ENL Devils game

Are we sure this was a 5:30 face off. The only message I have had was the teams were out, I wonder if that was for the warm-up

At last the game HAS STARTED and there is no score and there haven't been any penalties.

Michael Hicks is the referee

Stingrays have had many shots on goal

Which explains why I haven't had any texts as the Stingray fan offered to senf me info when there was a goal or penalty

By the wonders of Spooks etc I have managed to make contact with Carla on her iPhone

Gomenyuk will need a new stick after breaking his on an attempted slapshot

End of 1st period Stingrays 0 DEVILS 0

A soon to be forgotten period although it did get a bit heated towards the end

There were penalties in the first period

Stingrays penalty @ 1:30 - Esders - hooking

Devils penalty @ 10:56 - Vpth - hooking

SoG in 1st period Stingrays 14 Devils 9

Both teams playing well by all accounts and an even game

Teams return to the ice

We are away for the 2nd period

Gametime 23:38

Some good news 1,008 joined us on MNL last night - 1,008 disappointed souls

I have a feeling that Hull has declared UDI as little news coming out of the place

You can visualize Hull floating across the North Sea

Dubious offside call against Voth @ 5:05

Birbraer lands a big hit on Mitchell

Devils penalty @28:04 - Jarvis - hooking

Devils kill penalty

Stingrays penalty @ 32:14 - Cloutier - tripping

Voth hooked Cloutier - no penalty called so he trips Brad

E-mails arriving out of sequence so I have to unravel

Hill has great chance on pp but failed to capitalise

Hull return to full strength

Gametime 34:55

Carla confirms that it is a very even game and difficult to see where the break through will come for either team

Gametime 37 minutes

Devils are getting their shots away but not hitting the target in the right spot

Stingrays exerting pressure as 2nd period draws to an end

End of 2nd period Stingrays 0 DEVILS 0

SoG for 2nd period Stingrays 8 Devils 13

++Warm up finished for the ENL Devils v Oxford City Stars game

++ Face off delayed until 7:10pm

We might have missed a couple of penalties in the 2nd but are are still no goals

Devils have had enough opportunities to be ahead in the game.

Full throttle for the third before you DEVILS come back to the TENT for Sundays game

++ Players take to the ice at the Tent

No Derek I am not doing the ENL in RED in case I mess up but I will start every ENL update with ++

Both teams return to the ice at Hull

MNL is on overtime tonight and will cover the whole of the ENL game. I'll do anything to avoid Casualty

Come on u DEVILS give us a goal

3rd period underway at Hull

3rd period starts with pressure from the Devils

++ ENL game starts

Devils penalty @ 42:28 - Birbraer - 2+10 = check to the head

++ Devils penalty @ 1:09 #9 - tripping

++ Deviils penalty @ 1:32 ~76 - tripping

Obviously ENL Devils suffer from the same disease as the Devils

++ Devils return to 4 men

Birbraer penalty was an ugly one

Devils penalty @ 44:38 - Hartwick - interference

Stingrays goal @ 44:57 ppg

Stingrays goal scored by Mitchell assists Kalmikov & Gomenyuk

++ ENL DEVILS GOAL shg ' 3:30 scored by #10 assists #24 & #29

Adams on bench for Devils

++ City Stars score now 1-1 @ 6:32

Penalties @ 46:21 Mitchel (Hull) 7 Latulippe (Devils) both for x checking

Devils are not really testing the Stingrays netminder giving him easy glove saves

++ ENL DEVILS GOAL scored by Burrows @ 10:48 - unassisted

++ ENL DEVILS 2 City Stars 1

++ Stars Goal @ 11:59 shg

Devils forced to defend at Hull

Gametime 52:43

Come on you DEVILS get us that goal

Stingrays penalty @ 52:48 - Silverthorn - delay of game

Now get that pp working, this is your chance

++ 2 - 2 at the Tent

Stingrays return to full strength


Devils Goal scored @ 58:20 by Finnerty assist Miller

++ End of 1st period ENL DEVILS 2 City Stars 2

Smith has a clear chance, misses

Last minute of regulation

End od 3rd period Stingrays 1 DEVILS 1

Into overtime we go

OT underway

Big save from Lyle

Jarvis on top of his game says Carla

Hill got hit in face by Mitchell

Stingrays penalty @ 62:45 - Mitchell - high sticks

A dirty hit by all accounts

Come on U DEVILS

4 on 3 now is your chance

Lyle might be pulled as well

Cloutier and Voth having words with Hicks

Is 5 on 3 better than penalty shots for Devils

Stingrays penalty @ 634:42 - Davis - roughing

Now its 5 on 3

++ 2nd period underway at the Tent

Mitchell returns so its 4 on 3

Last 15 seconds

End of OT Stingrays 1 DEVILS 1

Penalty shots here we come

WE now have to get past their netminder who has played really well

Kalmikov scores

1-0 Stingrays

Birbraer misses still 1-0 to Hull

Silverthorn - scores 2-0 Hull

Smith scores - 2-1 Hull

Huppe misses - 2-1 Hull

Finnerty misses

Final score after OT & Penalties - Stingrays 2 DEVILS 1

+= ENL Devils goal @ 23:10 scored by Piggott

++ ENL Devils 3 City Stars 2

Devils MoM - Stevie Lyle

Before I concentrate on the ENL Devils MNL owes a big thank you to Carla at Hull who stepped in at the last minute and did a fantastic job for us

And Carla is a Steelers fan

Its gone quiet at the Tent, I think my texter has battery problems and is keeping what juice he has for goals

++ City Stars 3rd goal @ 12:01 ppg

Sorry make that 32:01

Its now ENL DEVILS City Stars 3

++ 3-3 the score is at the Tent as we come to the final minutes of the 2nd period

++ end of 2nd period ENL Devils 3 Oxford City Stars 3

++ 3rd period underway

He is a nice rumour for you, there is a story going round that Sgroi broken his hand fighting with Sharpe

++ ENL Devils netminder had gone off injured

++ Gametime 44:15 and it is 3-3

++ City Stars Goal @ 30:17

++ current score ENL Devils 3 City Stars 4

++ ENL DEVILS GOAL @ 30:58 scored by Wood, assists Watkins & Dixon

++ Current score 4 - 4

++ Correction 4th ENL DEvils goal scored by Piggott

++ ENL Devils 5th goal @ 36:41 scored by Burrows

++ Now ENL Devils 5 City Stars 4

Gametime 37:50

I am confused here is this the 2nd or third period

I have been putting down the wrong time

Game time 57:50

Last 2 minutes

Last minute

++ ENL DEvils 6th goal @ 59:33 scored by Woods, assists Piggott and Watkins

++ current score ENL Devils 6 City Stars 4

+++ Final score ENL Devils 6 Oxford City Stars 4

At least they know how to win

Best of luck to the ENL Devils for the reverse fixture in Oxford tomorrow

Thanks to Geraint at the Tent

Thats all from me OJ until the next one - that is tommorrow night

ENL Devils MoM - Woods Stars MOM - Francis