Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Set up and ready to go, just finish me tea and I will be with you - OJ

Fed and ready to go

Its OJ here in the MNL hutch in Cardiff and the boss Chris S in Sheffield along with James

Half way through the warm up

Adams playing for the Devils, Tler Michel not icing

Crisp is the Devils backup netminder

Looks like Verner is icing, well he led out the Steelers for warm-up

Score predictions plus any other comment to

We need a win tonight

I need a winner anyway as I drew a blank at Ffos Las yesterday

Stay out of the naughty boys room is the message to the team according to e-mails

There will be a delay of 10 minutes due to traffic problems

The are delaying the face off for Dave Simms to arrive from wunderland or where ever he lives

Or maybe the flight from the Middle East is delayed

Keith in sunny Aberystwyth says 4-2 win for the Devils

Keith wrap up warm snow is on the way to you

Danny and Steph can't agree whether it is 4-3 or 5-3 to the Devils

Marc thinks it will be a shoot out

Warm up over

I though too many men was a bench penalty, why is Lee Byrne banned?

Carson has the whistle

No Hubbauer for the Steelers

Face off now expected at 7:45

I expect that we will have a high viewer count tonight as there is minimum coverage elsewhere

Welcome onto the ice your CARDIFF DEVILS

Around 25 diehard Devils fans have made the trip

Very quiet on the e-mail front

Steelers come out

Mobile reception not very good at Ice Sheffield so keep your fingers crossed

Looks like Verner starting in net for the Steelers

Usual rubbish from Simms

Finnerty, Miller & Davies start for the Devils

The hare is running and we are off


Yes not a windup

Devils 1st goal @ 15 secs scored by Finnerty, assists Miller & Richardson

Devils icing @ 1:02

Sgroi was more interested in hitting Miller than playing when we scored

DEvils penalty @ 1:19 - Towe - high sticks

Devils player down injured @ 1:37

It was Adams that was injured

Helped off ice now on bench

Looks like a serious injury

Steelers icing @ 1:59

Derek calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Devils kill penalty

Gavin & Lucy in Bristol sees a 5-2 win for the Devils

Play stopped @ 3:54 for high sticks

Sgroi getting regular shifts by all accounts

Lyle save @ 4:41

Good save by Verner @ 5:05

Adams not on bench anymore


Devils 2nd goal @ 6:24 scored by Hill, assists Voth & Jarvis

Verner scrambling save @ 7:03

Last predictions: Angela 3-2. Donna 5-2 both predicting a Devils win on the road

Zion shot high and wide @ 7:59

Hayes floored

Puck out of play @ 9:10

Devils playing well

Verner looks suspect

Jarvis goes close

Sgroi looking slow and cumbersome

Verner save @ 11:33

Miller floored

Devils using the whole bench

Devils penalty @ 12:43 - Birbraer - hooking

Lets kill this penalty

Big save from Stevie Lyle @ 13:53

Devils return to full strength

Dowd floors Hill

Verner save @ 15:05

Take the hits boys and we shall pocket the goals - its worth it

Steelers penalty @ 15:31 -Legue - slashing

Puck out of play @ 16:04

Devils pp lets be having you

Lets make it a sweet period break

Big save by Verner @ 16:34

Steelers kill penalty

Verner down and gets up very slowly

Martyn Woodfield has joined on the eve of his wedding

Final minute and Martyn's final night as a free man

Devils penalty @ 19:06 - Smith - holding the stick

Lyle save @ 19:34

Another easy save for Lyle @ 19:43

End of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 2

I hope that someone points out to them the the key number is THREE, ie three periods of effort and three games this weekend

Another couple of goals and then steady controlled hockey

Both teams return to the ice, looks like they are trying to make up for the delay at the start

2nd starts

Smith returns

Steelers hit pipes

Geraint has come to our aid so we now have TWO roving reporters

Verner save @ 1:58

Steelers penalty @ 22:06 - Phillips - holding the stick

Lets get the PP into overdrive you DEVILS

Nothing to report is good news

Sheffield penalty @ 26:43 - Sgroi - 2+10 checking from behind

Thats got rid of him for most of this period

Verner nets off its moorings @ 28:38

Steelers return to full strength

Steelers miss open net

30 minutes gone

Steelers handy with their sticks but handy Andy Carson not calling anything

Ben Davies looking good with Smith & Birbraer

Two quick save from Lyle @ 30:47 & 30:53

Still no sign of Adams

Steelers offside @ 31:18

Geraint has to put up with an annoying Steeler fan who will not stop moaning

Devils penalty @ 31:45 - Finnerty - tripping

Steelers offside @ 33:22

Devils return to full strength

That was a good pk by the Devils

The Steelers fan annoying Geraint thinks Carson is blind

Chris S says Devils are playing well

I hope Chris is not wearing his Nottingham Uni scarf in Sheffield

Finnerty chirping away and its annoying the Steelers

Romfo hits pipes

Amazing saves from Stevie Lyle

Devils icing @ 37:04

Latulippe floored by Dowd

Lyle save @ 37:24

Squeelers living up to their name

Sgroi will return first whistle after 38:43

I am getting asked what is the quickest goal ever scored by the Devils at the start of a game

Handbags between Finnerty & Phillips - no penalties

Sgroi returns : 39:04

Get the Sgroitum off the ice is the proposed chant for when he visits the tent

end of 2nd period Steelers 0 DEVILS 2

A brilliant display by Lyle that period

The quickest goals I can recall is Steve Moria scoring after 6 seconds at Hull

Most of the quick goals that I can recall were on the road

Sgroi has not thrown a single hit yet

SoG for 1st period Sheffield 12 Devils 16

We are still trying to find texters for tomorrows game in Hull, if you know someone who can help us e-mail me at

Our intrepid reporters have been onto the Devils bench and apparently Adams twisted his back when he hit the boards

Matt I was not aware that ex Devils Doug Smail holds the NHL record for quickest goal - 5 seconds

Mo what took you so long

Are there any Stingrays fans out there who can help MNL?

Maybe if he is going to rest his back G could text us

Ice ready

Teams are back and we are off

Devils penalty @ 41:08 - Latulippe - hooking

A Steeler dive would be more accurate

Steelers ppg @ 43:08

Apologies but I have lost contact with my texters

Steelers goal @ 43:20 scored by Basuik assist Sgroi

Devils offside @ 48:10

49 minutes gone

Its end to end as Steelers have woken up

Devils penalty @ 49:50 - Miller - hooking

Devils kill penalty

Voth nails Dowd

Devils need to get back into gear, all Steelers at the moment

Steelers offside @ 53:45

Devils playing a very defensive game ie as if we are on pk

Steelers penalty @ 54:23 - Shephard - tripping

Gametime 56:25

Steelers kill penalty

Adams on crutches

Phillips misses open net

Gametime 57:30

Puck out of play @ 57:35

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:15

STEELERS Goal @ 58:30 scored by Talbot assist Basiuk and Legue

Steelers ici@ 58:58

Final minute

Devils penalty @ 59:20 - Romfo - slashing

What a stupid penalty

Steelers goal @ 59:49

Steelers goal scored by Sgroi assists Talbot + Another

Guess who is being called every name under the sky

Steelers penalty @ 59:57 - Phillips - hooking

Final score - Steelers 3 Devils 2

What a way to start a three game run!!

Devils MoM - Stevie Lyle

Franny needs some anatomy lessons he told us Adams had hurt his back, now his leg is bandaged up and he is on crutches

Steelers MoM - Sgroi

Thanks to Chris and Geraint at Sheffield have a safe journey home

I hope to cover the basics of Saturdays game at Hull with assistance from some Stingrays fans

Thats all from me - OJ until tomorrow