Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Evening everyone! Chris with you tonight and as usual I can be reached using

Incase you haven't seen the thread, Edinburgh are running a webcast for this game and details can be found HERE

Just a warning, not sure how coverage is going to work tonight, we could be limited, or we might be Belfast awesome

Just a warning, not sure how coverage is going to work tonight, we could be limited, or we might be Belfast awesome

Only a couple of texters have made their way upto Edinburgh, and they may have frozen to death already

As my first email says, lets hope the team play as a team tonight, not individuals

Adams has been spotted warming up, but we're not sure who's not icing

Texters have just arrived, not sure if there's delays or anything

Michel not spotted in warmup, but that's not 100% confirmation he's not icing!

Apparently around 20 Devils fans up in Murrayfield for tonight!

Possibly a good time to mention that the Stone testimonial site is now live and can be viewed at

Michel named as not icing :(

Both teams on the ice, Adams definitely playing, but no Michel :(

Lets hope Michel is back quickly!

ok that link to Stones site doesn't work properly, no idea why, just copy and paste :D

Birbraer, Smith and Towe starting line tonight...

There is a thread on the forums about the Stone testimonial site which can be found HERE

Well it looks like the first period has started

3minutes into the first, 0-0, Capitals in control though by my accounts

Devils couldn't touch the puck for the first minute or so, Capitals looking real dangerous

Voth got high sticked at 3:30, but no call, will try and find out who the ref is...

Unsurprisingly, Hanson is ref

Devils penalty at 4:57. Smith 2mins for slashing

All the pressure coming from the Capitals at the moment, thankfully Brabon is in nets!

I do of course mean Lyle, not Brabon!

Panic over :E

Devils kill the penalty, but not without problems

Capitals haven't left the Devils zone whilst on the powerplay and Devils had to clear 2 shots from the line

Devils penalty at 9:57. Miller 2mins for slashing...

Game is still all Capitals :(

Birbraer fluffs a shorthanded break away :(

Devils penalty kill much better the 2nd time

Capitals still creating a lot of chances, but Devils seem to be settling in a little more

With a lack of texts coming through, i'm wondering now that if we start losing at home, we'll win on the road? :)

Devils penalty at 14:26. Adams 2mins for hooking

Devils finally starting to throw some hits, Finnerty leading the way...

Maybe Voth could start throwing some checks, he seems to have gone missing recently!

Caps get on the scoreboard first :(

Capitals goal at 14:56. Lambert from Fussey. PP goal.

Devils come close, but a brilliant save from Rudkowsky denies Finnerty :(

18mins gone, come on Devils!

Seems Cardiff City have to play Chelsea in the next round of the FA cup?

I'm trying to find out how much ice time Sharp is getting, but no response yet

But that's the end of the first, Capitals lead 1-0 :(

Devils not playing very well according to texters, passing poor and too many turnovers in all zones. Capitals looking sharp though and deserve the lead...

Shots on goal for first, Edinburgh had 9, Cardiff had 8...

5minutes until the 2nd starts

1 minute until the 2nd starts, players lining up to get on the ice and a figure skater has appeared, but no music...

Both teams back on the ice, come on Devils lets start playing!

And here we go! Amazingly we're not on a penalty kill...

2mins in, Devils playing a lot better and actually putting pressure on the Capitals

And it's all gone quiet again :E

Seems Voth just got nailed, mid ice by... Hutchins!

But he's up and in the Caps zone, lots of abuse being directed his way

Capitals penalty at 24:08. Hay 2mins for high sticks

which leads to...


Devils 1st goal at 24:14. Voth from Richardson

Seems to be some confusion about the goal, texters thought it was Richardson but was announced as Voth...

Massive save from Lyle, Caps fans thought it was in :D

Horne goes down, hit in the face by shot from Finnerty...

Game delayed as blood cleared up, Horne left to go to changing rooms, game about to restart

End to end at the moment, both teams playing well, an improvement for the Devils :)

Caps fans angry at everything, I like to think of all them all like Jamie or Malcolm from 'In The Thick Of It' :D

Devils penalty at 30:17. Miller 2mins for slashing

Sounds like he was caught retaliating to a Caps player, first stoppage for almost 5 mins :(

Devils struggling to keep possession when in the Capitals zone, passing has improved though...

Capitals penalty timed at 30:17. Levebvre 2mins interference

So we're at 4on4, texts came through separately so didn't know at first

Caps get a 2on0 breakaway but miss :D

Capitals penalty at 33:45. Hutchins 2mins delay of game

To the relief of many, Davies has had shifts in both periods so far, Symonds hasn't been on the ice in the 2nd yet though, no sign of Hayes...


Devils 2nd goal at 34:26. Finnerty from Richardson and Smith

Powerplay goal for Finnerty :)

Big slapshot that Rudkowsky couldn't save! \o/

ENL Devils lead 2-1 at 3:50 into the 1st period against the Peterbrough Islanders

I'll do ENL updates in red to make them clear :) ENL Devils 3-1 Islanders at 5:15. Piggot from Watkins

Finnerty given an extra assist for the Devils 3rd goal. Now reads Voth from Richardson and Finnerty :)

Now Smith given an extra assist on Devils 2nd goal. Finnerty from Smith I think it is now...

Shots on goal for 2nd period, Edinburgh had 7, Devils had 16!

ENL Devils 4-1 Islanders at 8:42. Jones from Deacon :)

Finnerty assist was on the 1st goal, I had 3rd goal on the mind from the ENL score, apologies everyone :)

3 minutes till the 3rd starts!

I seem to have caused mass confusion with that update, just for confirmation, it's Capitals 1-2 Devils in Edinburgh.

ENL Devils lead 5-1 Islanders at 15:16. Burrows Short handed, unassisted :)

Capitals and Devils about to return to the ice for the 3rd period, lets hope the 3rd sees us improve even more!

ENL Devils 6-1 Islanders at 16:56. Deacon from Armour \o/

Devils penalty at 41:37. Davies 2mins for hooking

Maybe the ENL team could help the EIHL team out... :D

Other scores from around the league, Steelers 2-2 Stingrays and Blaze 1-2 Panthers both at the end of the 2nd period

Devils kill their penalty fairly easy \o/

Come on Devils, give us another goal!

ENL Devils lead 6-1 at the end of their 1st period \o/

In Belfast, it's Giants 5-5 Vipers at 53minutes. Murphy was pulled, Craze let lots of goals in, Murphy comes back out :D

Not a lot happening up in Edinburgh, end to end game, Capitals taking more shots but Lyle standing tall :)

And it's all gone quiet again...

1 goal lead isn't enough, but I guess if it ends our terrible run of away form it'll do

And as I typed that...

Devils looking happy to sit and defend a 1 goal lead

It's like running a Newcastle MNL, but slightly less exciting...

The angry Capitals fans are chanting "Steelers Reject" at Finnerty...

Probably the best thing he's ever heard i'd have thought :D

Devils goal disallowed...

Devils disallowed goal timed at 51:47...

Devils thought they'd scored, Hanson says the puck didn't cross the line


Miller pushes a Caps player on the bench so everyone trades handbags, no pens yet...

Texter is convinced that the Caps fans are no longer chanting in english...

Lyle making some good saves, but neither team looks amazing


Devils 3rd goal at 55:14. Smith unassisted :D

3:30 remaining in the 3rd period

Seems the answer to my question earlier is that Sharp isn't getting any ice time at all as he's not dressed again...

Devils penalty at 57:00. Smith 2mins for ???

Final 2minutes!

Devils penalty at 58:08. Finnerty 2mins for hooking.

Capitals 5on3 for 52seconds :(

Finnerty penalty was a stupid one to take...

Capitals goal disallowed as nets had come off, crowd going nuts...

Capitals have pulled Rudkowsky...

Capitals goal at 58:57. Lambert from ???

Devils still on penalty kill for 1:11 :(

Capitals 2nd goal was on a 6on3!

ENL Devils lead 7-1 Islanders at 26:47. Burrows from Armour and Bower

"Hutchins chasing Hanson around the ice, gets thrown out for his efforts...

At least I think that's what the text meant

ENL Devils 8-1 Islanders at 27:05. Deacon from Armour

Hutchins given 10+game+match !

But the Devils win!

Amazing isn't it, we won and we weren't in the big blue tent!

Fussey trades handbags with Jarvis after the whistle

Capitals fans chanting that everyone sucks, awwww bless :)

Dan Welch given 5+game for spearing at end of game...

Devils man of match goes to Lyle :D

Capitals man of match goes to Lambert

Our texters tonight are leaving before they get lynched :S

But that's all from me, thanks for joining in tonight :)

Chris out.