Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 5 Coventry Blaze

MNL live will be with you for the visit of the Coventry Blaze to the Tent to take on the Challenge Cup Finalist your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Looks like we will have a sell out or a near sell out tonight

Unconfirmed reports that there might be a delay of face off - Zamboni not very well apparently

I am having texts reporting that there are problems at the Tent

Now confirmed that Zamboni is broken

Just had a cryptic text "Its on"

Whether that is the game or whether the Zamboni had made a miacle recovery

Still no wiser Box Office staff have told one of my texters that there is no problem

Face off delay confirmed

Zamboni just crawled onto ice

Zamboni seems to be working again

Trying to find out what the revised Face off time is

Looks like a 7:30 face off but no confirmation yet.

Jed in Lisbon calls it 6-4 to the Devils

I suppose we will not get many e-mails tonight or loggers tp MNL as eveyone is at the game

It is now confirmed that face off will be at 7:30

Teams are on the ice for warm up

Most of our magnificent MNL texters are in position.

Big expectant crowd in the tent watching the warm up

Anyone out there wishing to make a score prediction e-mail me at

That includes any Blaze fans still in Coventry or anywhere else for that matter

Jed in LIsbon is the long distance champion so far

Jed's wife Emma and kids Scott & Madison are at the game Kyle though better and didn't go

Warm up drawing to a close

No news yet to confirm Darnell as referee

Players still on the ice for warm-up

It looks as if it is a sell out at the Tent

No problem Rachel you haven't missed anything as face off is now 7:30

Referee Darnell sighted

Where have all my texters gone? Into the bar I sssume

Teamm announcement completed


No Adam Calder for Blaze

Adams not icing coaching instead

WE are off

Devils start with Voth, Latulippe & Hill: Romfo & Hartwick

Blaze penalty n@~ 2:09 - Weaver - hooking

Lets get an early PPG Devils


Devils 1st goal scored by Birbraer ppg

Goal time 3:53

There was a delayed penalty call on Blaze when Devils scored

Assists go to Miller & Hill

Blaze offside @ 6:06

Adam Calder's wife had a baby, that why he isn't icing

Devils offside @ 6:31

Yes Tony we want a win, score doesn't matter

Its either an uneventful game or my texters are running out of free texts

Devils icing @ 9:52

It must be boring if icings are the highlight

Devils penalty @ 11:15 - Smith - hooking

Correction penalty timed @ 10:15

Blaze offside @ 11:05

Towe goes close with shorthanded attempt

Penalty killed with ease

Blaze are playing dump & chase by all accounts

Blaze goal by Fulghum

Blaze 1st goal scored @ 14:11 assists to Chambers & Carlson

Horrendous error by Symmonds on D led to Blaze goal

Blaze goal by Fulghum

Goal timed at 14:55

Those might have been Blaze first SoG

Chambers & WEaver given assists on Fulghum 2nd goal

Face off in Blaze end won by Blaze who then skate down the ice to score EASY

Blaze penalty @ 16:40 - Lee - interference

That penalty was against Soderstrom not Lee

Wake up Devils before its too late

Blaze return to full strength

Last minute of 1st period

Gorge in Barrie, Ontario predicts a Devils fight back and a 3-2 win

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 2

WE must win this game if we are to catch the Giants in fourth place, Stingrays beat Giants 3-2 tonight

Devils were much the stronger team until D went AWOL yet again and heads went down and gave up a soft 2ng goal

Whats occurring in Barrie then Andrew, is Stacey with you

2nd period underway

Devils offside @ 20:14

Blaze penalty @ 20:24 - Owen - high sticks

Referee gave wrong signal, penalty was elbows not high sticks

Lyle save from a Fulghum breakaway

Devils break back but Latulippe fans it

Blaze kill penalty

Hirsh save @ 23:02

Voth & Campbell having words

Apart from the Fulghum breakaway Blaze haven't produced much offense

Blaze penalty @ 28:23 - Stewart - slashing


Latulippe attempts wrap around but comes up short and puck rests on side netting of goal

Big crowd but very quiet considering how big it is

Blaze return to full strength

Gametime 30:33

Blaze icing @ 32:42

Devils hit the pipes TWICE through Jarvis & Finnerty

Devils penalty @ 34:05 - Symmonds - holding

That was in his first shift since his nightmare pass for the Blaze 1st goal

Blaze call a time out

DEvils penalty @ 35:07 - Birbraer - tripping

Thats when Blaze called their time out

5 on 3 for 1 minute

Devils have a 2 on 1 whilst SH


Shorthanded goal scored by Phil Hill

Shorthanded goal scored by Phil Hill

Goal time 36:22 - assists Latulippe & Hartwick

Devils penalty @ 38:13 - Romfo - holding

That penalty against Romfo was for hooking

Final minute of 2nd period

BLAZE goal at 39:47 scored by Owen

Assists Chambers & Soderstrom

A ppg goal after Soderstrom took the puck off the Devils

End od 2nd period DEVILS 2 Blaze 3

SoG 1st period Devils 14 Blaze 5

Change to Devils 2nd goal - Hill from Richardson & Latulippe

This game is there to be won

One intense penalty free period will see us home

Lets go that extra 20 miles Devils it will make the trip to Edinburgh much easier

Ice ready for 3rd period

Both teams return to the ice

WE are away for the 3rd period

Texts coming in late

Gametime 44:33

Devils still on top, not much hitting though

Come on you DEVILS give us a GOAL

Its gone very quiet

Devils offside @ 47:11

Its end to end but no clear chances for either team

Blaze skaters on short shifts

Hirsh making some good saves

Darnell has either lost his whistle or swallowed the pea

Voth butts ends Stewart after whistle, Stewart had slashed Voth

Campbell left bench to get involved

Penalties Voth (Devils) Steward (Blaze) at 49:12 - slashinhg

4 on 4

Finnerty goes close @ 50:20

18 secs left of 4 on 4

Both teams return to full strength

Blaze penalty @ 51:33 - Stewart - interference

Make this pp work Devils

Blaze kill penalty

Gametime 53:55

BLAZE GOAL a hattrick for Fulghum

Goal scored at 54:59

Goal was against run of play but what consolation is that

Good fast shot by Fulghum who sped down the wing a fired the biscuit past Lyle

Those are the ones you need to stop if you want a win credited on your stats

Blaze GOAL scored by Campbell

Gathered puck behind the net and back hands it into the basket

Time of goal 56:28

Assist for Stewart on Campbells goal

Defence errors are costing ud dearly tonight

Final 2 minutes

Greg Owen given assist on 5th goal

Devils offside @ 58:25

That trip to Scotland will be long and hard after this, rather them than me although I did it enough times in the past

Penalties @ 59:08 Finnerty (Devils) & Soderstrom (Blaze) - slashing

Final score DEVILS 2 Blaze 5

How can you have so much of the game and lose 5-2?


Devils MoM - PHIL HILL

My texters are giving me a list of the Devils who didn't turn up tonight, I would forward it to Adams but I am sure he would have noted who they were if not then he should gi to Specsavers

Devils Player of the month 3rd Stevie Lyle 2nd Ryan Finnerty 1st Tylor MICHEL

Big thank you to our texters, Sharlene, Paul, Devils2001, Wildthing and Andy Blaze

Join us again soon for MNL, keep an eye on the Forum to see if we have managed to get some texters for tomorrows game in Edinburgh

Thats all from me OJ until the next time