Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 7 - 8 Cardiff Devils

Just under 90minutes to go until the Devils face off against the Giants in Dundonald

Chris attempting to run MNL tonight, and as usual I can be reached using

OJ is on standby incase my internet goes horribly wrong again

Just a forewarning, we have new texters tonight so not sure how the coverage will pan out or if we'll experience delays, but whatever happens it'll all be hopelessly Devils biased :)

For ease of use, i've put the score up from the 1st leg, hopefully people will realise there haven't been 7 goals after the first minute or so :)

Texters are heading to the rink, McMorrow has been in the local papers saying Voth was cheeky going for him when he was "tired" and they have unfinished business...

Good thing McMorrow doesn't need to play an entire game I guess :P

Rumours originating from the rink, Bateman AND McMorrow sitting out...

Despite the rumours, Michel is warming up!

CONFIRMED - No McMorrow or Bateman for Belfast!

Under 30minutes to go till our victory!

Sounds like Thornton has replaced McMorrow in the lineup for the Giants

15mins to go!

About 15 Devils fans have made their way over, texter reports between them all they couldn't pass a breathalyser... :)

Should be some interesting views tonight then :D

So, anymore prediction s or anything out there? The forums are busy, MNL is almost certainly busier but there's no predictions or anything coming in!

Devils fans now total 20! \o/

10minutes to go!

It's all rather exciting :D

Rob on the email predicting a Giants 3-2 win, but Cardiff to win on aggregate :D

Marc predicting 4-2 to the Giants, but Devils to win on aggregate again :)

Seeing as how the Giants have not lost in Dundonald, the score predictions seem reasonable to me :P

Darnell steps onto the ice... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Both teams on the ice! Gooooooooooooooo Devils!

Angela predicting a 3-4 Devils win! Not long to go till it comes true :)

Giants fan says maybe 1000 have turned up for tonights game...

Devils fans chanting "Where's your sheriff gone" :D

And we're off!

I forgot Belfast don't do anthems before the game, start came as a bit of a surprise then :)

Giants have come out the stronger team, camped in Devils zone

Big shot sees Lyle go wide, the scramble across net to deny the Giants

Giants miss an open net!

We have a goal!


Devils 1st goal at 2:02. Miller unassisted (so far)

Giants go offside roughly 3mins in


Texters having real problems seeing the scoreboard and hearing the announcer so times are a little random

Devils penalty. Smith...

Seems Voth is in the box now, 2mins for slashing

Big cheer from the crowd went intothe box, he's always popular :)

Awada messes up and gifts Devils a breakaway, but Murphy makes the save. This time...


Massive save from Lyle denies Belfast a PP goal

Voth penalty killed, now the crowd boo :(

Penalty killed at roughly 6mins.

Penalty killed at 5:23, timings are horrible tonight but we're doing our best!

roughly 7mins in, Devils looking sharp on defence. Giants looking a bit shaken after Devils goal

Hartwick nails a Giant midice

Szwez chirping at all the Devils players, but makes no difference as Lyle makes another good save!

Uh oh, Lyle has gone down injured, Trainer brought on...

Now the trainer is off the ice, not sure what happened but I think Szwez was involved...

Seems Lyle took a knock to his leg

Lyle save roughly 8mins in

Seems Szwez is doing his best to replace McMorrow tonight


Finnerty and unknown trade handbags :D

Hartwick and Szwez trade handbags

No penalties called, but handbags are coming after each Lyle save

Devils called for icing at 8:52.

According to texters Darnell isn't calling any holding penalties for either teams, Devils fans think it's a love in :P

Devils have won about 90% of the faceoffs so far

Oooooooooh, Towe comes close on the initial shot and rebound!

Big Lyle save at 9:56

Bah! Giants goal at 11mins

Giants 1st goal from Faubert at 11mins

Ignore that, Giants 1st goal Benedict from Faubert and Shields

Devils failing to clear the zone at the moment, fans getting twitchy

All my texts just keep saying Devils can't clear the zone at all :(

Texters report they have the Belfast WAGS infront of them who aren't taking too kindly to the Devils fans pointing out how rubbish they all are :D

Belfast called for icing at 14:18

Devils really being pushed by the Giants, can't keep control of the puck but defending well, Lyle standing on his head so far

Murphy save at 15mins roughly

Hill with some brilliant play but Murphy makes the save

Devils offside at 16:05

Finally, Devils clear the zone thanks to Latulippe :D

Seems game has slowed down a little bit from the start, end to end at the moment but Giants playing very very well

Devils penalty at roughly 18mins. Hill 2mins for hooking

Penalty timed at 17:51 for Hill

"26 drops, didn't see anything but blood on the ice. No call"

Seems it was Belfast #26 who is Benedict I think?

A big hit from one of our players, but no penalty called. yet.

Benedict left the ice straight to the changing rooms. Fans are going nuts with Darnell

Slight delay as the ice is cleaned, trying to find out some more details...

Game stopped at 18:15 to clear the ice, seems to be a bit of confusion regarding what happened...

Texters are under the impression the specialist ice clearing equipment - a shovel - is being brought in from the O

Whatever happened to Benedict was off the play. Shields having a long conversation with Darnell

Darnell now using the shovel of doom to clear the ice...

Giants fans not happy at all, despite no one appearing to know what happened

No penalties called, play resumes!

final minute of 1st period

Hill back out, but that's the 1st period over

At the end of the first, the score is 1-1, but 3-6 on aggregate. Devils fans concerned that if we can't clear the zone better in the 2nd Giants will take the lead

Shots on goal for the 1st, 7 on Murphy, 16 on Lyle

Rumours at Dundonald say suspected broken jaw for Benedict

Lyle and our defence playing well so far, concern is our inability to get out of our zone...

There are various rumours floating around about the Benedict incident. Seems whatever happened was definitely off the play but no one knows which Devils player was involved...

Both teams back out for the 2nd period, come on Devils!

Text from game says Benedict is off to hospital, Jarvis the player involved...

Well, ignore the Jarvis bit... Confusion reigns as to was involved or what actually happened. All we know is Benedict was injured

Murphy save at 21:44

Devils checking a lot more so far in the 2nd, very end to end game

From a post on KoTG, seems 2 players went in to get the puck and Benedict got caught in the middle

Belfast called for offside at 23:24

Devils called for icing despite reaching the puck first, Devils bench not happy

It's all gone very quiet at the moment

Giants penalty at 25:19. Thornton 2mins for hooking.

Come on Devils, give us another goal! A 3 goal lead isn't enough :P

Big save from Murphy, Richardson with the shot

Giants back to full strength, texters indifferent to Devils powerplay...

Big glove save from Lyle, he's really keeping us in this so far!

Uh oh, Giants 2nd goal at 28mins :(

Peacock with the goal, assist to Cheverie possibly

Goal timed at 27:46

Goal details... Belfast 2nd at 27:46. Peacock from Walsh and Cheverie

Murphy saves a big shot from Voth.

Only a 2 goal lead now, come on Devils!

This game is going to make me very very nervous I feel :(

Devils penalty at 31:30. Richardson 2mins for hooking.

Belfast penalty at 31:30 as well I think. Faubert 2mins hooking...

Not really sure what happened, it was 4on4 and the game time is now at 32minutes...

Both teams back to full strength I think

Devils penalty again. Hartwick called for something :(

Devils penalty at 33:02. Hartwick 2mins roughing.

And that leads to a Belfast powerplay goal...

1 goal lead, that big lead is rapidly evaporating :(

Giants 3rd goal timed at 33:10. Cheverie with assists unknown

Hartwick best get a smack down from Adams in the period break for taking that penalty...

All gone quiet again, come on Devils give us a goal or 3!

Giants arguing every call the linesmen and ref are making...




Giants had a penalty at 33:33. #12 2mins for roughing

Prior to goal, Michel was playing out of skin infront of Lyle, blocking everything, some amazing play according to texts

Giants penalty on #12 was killed, then they had a bench penalty called...

Bench penalty was timed at 35:44

I'll update the goal details now, just had about 20 texts come through...

Devils 2nd goal at roughly 35:30. Birbraer from Voth :D

Added one too many goals, if the score DOESN'T show 5-7, then do a refresh :)

Now the Devils called for too many men...

Penalty came at roughly 38minutes

2 goal lead, 2 goal lead :D

Devils penalty at 39:35. Miller 2mins for something

Giants 5on3 till end of the period...

Devils fans at the game have no idea what the call on Miller was for, chances are I shouldn't have posted the "2 goal lead" post though :E

Miller penalty was for holding.

But no matter, that's the end of the 2nd period! Giants lead 3-2, but Devils lead 5-7 on aggregate \o/

Devils have 11seconds of 5on3 to kill at start of the 3rd, and then 5on4 for just over a minute.

3 minutes till we start the 3rd period!

Shots on goal for the 2nd period, 12 on Murphy, 12 on Lyle

Both teams are back on the ice, almost time to win!

Devils have to kill a 5on3 for 10 seconds, then kill a further 1:30 of 5on4 :(

back to 4 aaaaaaaaaand...


Birbraer gets a short handed goal!

I told you marc, 5-8 was coming :P

Devils 3rd goal at 40:35. Birbraer shorthanded :D

Devils back to full strength! GOOOOOOOOOOOO DEVILS!


Giants fan says they're playing hot and cold, Devils defence looking better though

Seems the Giants have had a goal washed out at 43:32

Whistle was blown and then puck was shot, Darnell gets something right :D

Giants starting to look really deflated, come on Devils get some more goals :)

Latulippe breaks through but Murphy makes the save, fantastic play though

Devils penalty at 46:20. Finnerty 2mins hooking.

13minutes left, come on Devils!

Finnerty penalty killed and another big save from Lyle!

Fans at the game seem to think the Giants have almost given up, but there's still 10minutes to go!

Ooooooh, some clever stickwork from Finnerty sees the puck cleared from behind Lyle

Devils penalty at 51minutes. Hartwick 2mins for tripping

Penalty timed at 50:40 for Hartwick, rubbish call apparently

Thornton has left the ice, looks to have picked up a knock

Giants offside, roughly 51:30 I think...

Giants called for offside again at 52:14

Devils back to full strength \o/

Thornton left the ice in some pain, helped onto the bench and straight into the locker room

Another big save from Lyle at 53:39

Devils penalty at 54:49. Latulippe 2mins for interference

Giants goal :(

Giants 4th goal at 55:32. Shields on the powerplay :(


Devils called for icing at 55:50

Giants have picked their game up big time, 4minutes left and they've suddenly awoken!

Murphy save at 57:04

Shot came from Smith, good setup

Devils penalty at 57:22. Miller 2mins delay of game!

Sort it out, stop taking penalties, i'm ready to cry here!


I can't take another 2minutes of this!

Giants 5th goal :(

Giants 5th goal at 58:11. Shields.

you'd think the powerplay goals would stop us taking penalties!

Lyle save at 58:46

Timeout called, not sure by whom though...

Belfast call the time out

Giants have pulled Murphy


Devils called for icing at 59:04

59:06 sorry

Devils shot just missed the net :(

Giants can;t get in our zone


Giants called for icing at 59:58!

Murphy back out...


Giants win 5-3 on the night, but Devils win 7-8 on aggregate!



Devils MoM goes to Birbraer \o/

Shields gets man of match for the Giants!

Many thanks to all our texters tonight, what an awesome game by the sounds of it :)

I'm off, don't forget to check the forums and have your say :)

Chris out, update #215 :)