Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 0 Nottingham Panthers

OJ reporting for duty, the first leg of my double came in as the Blues gun down Gloucester 37-24 its up to you Devils now

Will bring you team news as soon as I have it

Very few fans in early for the game by all accounts

Maybe they are making their way from the Millennium Stadium where the Blues did us proud

The Tent beginning to fill up, decent crowd in from Nottingham

Dean Smith is the referee again, this takes me back to the old days when Nico Toemen was always in charge whereever we played

The Zamboni has almost finished chasing its tail

Blackout conditions at the Tent, air raid sirens

Panthers take to the ice

Chris and Ruth are my texters tonite others might also chip in

80% full according to Ruth

Your CARDIFF DEVILS take to the ice

THe horses are going behind the stalls

Clarke might be missing for the Panthers

Joe Calzaghe there to drop the puck

Awaiting confirmation that Joe is dressed for the Devils

Seconds out Round 1

Voth, Latulippe, Prprich start for the Devils

Nothing much to report after 1 minute of play

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DEvils penalty Hartwick boarding minor @1:39

Prior to penalty Devils had 2 SoG

MacIver is throwing nassive hits that hat the rafters shaking

Latulippe goes close on a sh effort @3:02

Aubry makes save @ 3:29

Aubry makes another save 5seconds later

Devils kill penalty

Devils have shown more offense in opening 5 minutes than they did all game last nite

6 mins gone

Devils are creating chances so lets convert one

Silverthorn goes close @ 6:30

7 minutes gone an still no score

Devils penalty - Voth slashing minor @7:03

Aubry called upon to make ave at 7:30

@ 8:11 Aubry makes save by getting his face in front of the puck

Another Aubry save @ 8:40

Handbags at 8:40

MacIver (Devils) Myers (Panthers) minor roughing @ 8:40

Panthers hit crossbar @ 9:01

Campbell having words with a Panther, probably about Maid Marian

My texter hadn't realised that Tessier was height challenged

No e-mails there must be someone out there.

Voth being goaded as usual, he is not biting

Latulippe has another clear chance

Jarvis beats Parley in Panther net but hits the pipes @ 10:57

Panthers penalty Neilson slashing minor @10:57

Silverthorn has chance still no goal

Come on u Devils give us a goal

Powerplay an improvement on last nite

Panthers kill penalty

Latulippe misses empty net at 14 minutes

Devils penalty - Latulippe interference minor @14:30

Devils are lying on the hits

Parley saves @ 15:53

Devils can't seem to establish a foothold in the Panthers zone

Devils can't seem to establish a foothold in the Panthers zone

Too much dump and no chase

3 minutes let in period

At least Shannon, Kev and Kim are out there, so lets be hearing you

Final 2 minutes of opening period

More handbags

A bit of a do in front of Parley

Devils penalty - Francis charging minor @18:17

Panthers penalty - Richardson holding the skick minor @ 18:42

Devils penalty Hartwick delay of game minor @ 18:56

Final minute

Aubry makes save @ 19:51

End of Period

DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

Reports that it is a good game, so lets hope in continues and gets even better with a DEVILS GOAL

Second period will begin with the Panthers having 17 seconds of 4 on 3

Second period underway

Now 26 seconds of 4 on 4

Devils now have 14 seconds of pkill

Panthers miss empty net @ 21:00

Parley makes a save @ 21:57

Unbelievably we have 5 on 5 for a change

Thank you Kev e-mail is

Hill & Tessier clash off the play games goes on

Voth shoots but hits the roof of the Tent @ 23:21

Hinks showing some life by all accounts

Aubry save @ 24:27

Prpicxh goes close at 25mins

Neilson has words with Voth @24:57

Devils go offside @25:15, Silverthorn enters zone too quick

Parley makes a save @25:39 after some good play by Devils

Latulippe misses target

More handbags at Panthers net @26:42

No penalties Panthers still trying to get Voth to drop them

27 minutes of 2nd period gone

Aubry makes another save, he is not giving up the same level of rebounds tonight

Devils ice the puck @28:11

Devils giving up too many shots on their net, at least Aubry seems to be on top of his game

Second line of Hinks, Silverthorn and Campbell should produce

Mid way through 2nd period and still DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

Voth goes handbags with Myers who loses his helmet @31:00

Dean Smith having a good game, thats good to hear and he seems to be letting the game flow and not calling silly penalties

Seems like boys thing that the gather round Parley after he makes a save and swing handbags

33 minutes into the game

How many minutes is it now without a Devils goal?

Aubry makes a save with help from Hartwick @35:47

We have a FIGHT Voth & Bergin

Fight @ 33:58

Fight called a draw, both Voth & Bergin get fighting majors

Devils get a 2 on 1 break but fail to get a SoG

36 mins gone

Hill releases a great shot but Parley gets stick to it

Aubry delects puck out of play @ 36:29

Another save Aubry @ 37:13

Hinks get called for offside, bad call by lino

Panthers penalty Neilson slashing minor @ 37:49

Parley save at 38:38

Last minute of 2nd period

Time to check if there are any afternoon games in NHL

Aubry makes crucial save @ 39:54

At end of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

According to my notes the Devils haven't scored a goal for 133minutes 12 seconds

Here we go with the 3rd period

Devils come out for the third looking like they mean business, lets hope so

Silverthorn & Towe go close

Parley saves from Hill @ 42:54

3 mins gone in third

Panthers ice puck @ 43:20

44 minutes gone

Devils penalty - Silverthorn tripping minor @ 44:31

45 minutes gone

Prpich goes close on a sh attempt

Panthers penalty - Cook slashing minor @ 45:32

Devils don't seem to be able to find the back of the net, plenty of chances

Devils now have a 1:02 powerplay opportunity

Panthers penalty Levers interference minor @ 47:16

16 seconds of 5 on 3

Devils fans have woken up and driving team forward

Parley saves from Hill @ 48:00

Voth & Myers handbags @ 48:41

Devils penalty MacIver delay of game minor @ 48:41

Maciver broke stick and then covered puck to stop Panthers break away

Panthers shot high and wide @ 49:56

40 seconds of Devils pk left

Both teams looking very tired

Devils kill penalty

Prpich breakaway, Parley saves @ 51:30

52 minutes gone

Tessier and MacIver having words at 53:34

54 minutes gone

Campbell almost kills Myers with a superb hit

Parley making save after save

Another Parley save @ 55:07

And at 55:23

And anoither Parley save, he is earning his corn tonight

Panthers penalty Graham hooking minor @ 55:45

Make this pp pay Devils and end this drought

56 minutes gone

57 minutes gone

45 seconds left of Devils pp

Panthers kill penalty

Last two minutes

Devils go offside @ 58:27

Campbell special hit on Toneys

Parley save yet again, he is becoming a nuisance

Voth shoots high

Final minute

Aubry saves at 59:46

Apologies for giving the Panthers a goal, my fingers must have slipped, I'll aim them at the Devils Goal button

Its into O/T we go

DEVILS 0 Panther 0

5 minutes of overtime coming your way soon

1 minute of O/T gone very tense at the Tent

Tessier and Voth both get delay of game penalties @ 60:58

Silverthorn goes offside @ 61:18

We have a GOAL


Silverthorn @ 61:25

Assist Prprich

Amazing goal by all acoounts

Devils win in O/T


Panthers MoM - Parley (I think we all knew that)

Devils MoM Aubry

Drought finished @ 154:38

Thanks to Chris & Ruth at the Tent

Its Good Night from me OJ