Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Nottingham Panthers

Just under 1 hour until game time \o/

Chris with you tonight, hopefully without internet issues like last weekend!

As usual the email address for any comments, predictions, questions etc etc is

Looks like the first updates are appearing

Romfo dressed for Devils, Looks like Adams is sitting out.

Molin icing for Panthers although texters aren't sure who's sitting out.

Thompson is the man in charge tonight

A fair amount of Panthers fans have made their way down for tonights Devils victory :)

Carl on the email predicting a Devils 4-2 victory!

Jamie predicting a Devils 6-2 victory and hoping/expecting Finnerty to drop the gloves for the first time as a Devils player against Meyers or Richardson

Gareth is predicting a Panthers victory! Booooooooo! Although I think a thread on the forums did say they had the best record against us this season

Confirmation from the Big Blue Tent that Panthers aren't icing Gascon, Dalgleish or Toneys

MNL regular Keith predicting a Devils 4-3 victory. Am with you though Keith, it could go either way, just hope it's our way :P

And it's intro time down the Bay! Woooooooooohoooooooooooooooo

Going to say Devils 4-3 I think, should be a great game but with our home form the way it is we must be favourites to win

Both teams are on the ice!

Rebecca in Belfast predicting a Devils 5-4 victory \o/

Anthems are over, it's almost game time!

Seems we're having a few technical issues with MNL tonight, if it goes quiet just hammer the refresh button just incase!

Good crowd down the tent, but that's besides the point! We're off!

Panthers score in the opening minute...

Panthers first goal at 1:10. Neilson from Laroque

Slap shot from the point, seems we were screening Lyle :(

Not the start any of us were looking for to be honest :(

2 unforced errors from Symonds almost gifts the Panthers a second...

Panthers pretty much all over the Devils by the sounds of it

Panthers pretty much all over the Devils by the sounds of it

Devils very close by St-Pierre saves off line at 2:48

Lyle saves a shot with his face, Galbraith gets angry...

Panthers penalty at 3:23. Laroque 2mins for boarding - rubbish call

Richardson was the player on the receiving end of the check, has left the ice and gone straight to changing rooms :(

Text from game says "Terrible boarding call by Thompson on the Panthers. Richardson was checked into the next rink"

Fans really not impressed with the 2min boarding call

D'armour floors a player after whistle has blown...

Texter thinks Latulippe may have been on the receiving end

Where on earth are our big hitters tonight? We should be pushing the Panthers around!

Handbags behind St-Pierre, maybe after the Latulippe hit

Handbags between Miller, Latulippe and D'Armour

Seems the Devils are giving as good as they're getting, but no ones text me about it :E

Officials jumped in quickly to stop a riot, Latulippe said or did something to D'Armour that made him lose his head :D

Panthers penalty at 4:20. D'Armour 2mins for cross checking

Think we have a Devils penalty coming as well...

Devils penalties at 4:20. Latulippe 2mins for cross checking. Miller 2mins for roughing.

On the bright side, Richardson returns to the ice

Molin on the receiving end of a big hit off the play, Thompson doesn't call...

Seems we're playing 4on4, Millers penalty must have been after the whistle?

2on1 break for Devils, Smith leading the way but shot goes wide :(

Penalties killed, back to 5on5

Millers penalty killed, steps back onto ice and trips a Panther up. Another penalty...

Devils penalty at 6:26. Miller 2mins tripping

Panthers penalty at 6:47. Bergin 2mins for hooking

Back to 4on4 then :E

Hartwick shoots from point but St-Pierre makes the save at 6:52.

Seems Bergin penalty was infact tripping, not hooking

Towe clear on goal, Bergin takes him out but Thompson doesn't give a penalty shot. Fans are going berserk!

Oooooooooooooh. Jarvis hits the pipes

Shot rebounded off pipework, landed at Jarvis stick for a second shot but St-Pierre makes a fantastic save to deny the equaliser

Devils back to full strength, please no more stupid penalties!

Finnerty breakaway saved :(

All penalties over, any bets for how long? :P

Lyle save at 9:40 from Panthers dump in.

Devils creating lots of chances but St-Pierre playing really well.

If the score isn't showing, do a refresh. Not sure what's up with the server tonight just seems real slow

Devils icing at 10:14

Handbags! Neilson gives Voth a slap in the goal mouth...

Devils icing at 10:57

More handbags!

Michel vs someone...

Michel decided to fight Galbraith and was soundly beaten :(

Seems this was a proper fight, not handbags :(

Devils penalty at 12:09. Michel 5mins for fighting

Galbraith aimed a punch at Michel but missed, Michel took exception and swung back

Michel fell down and officials jumped in but our resident neutral supporter says there wasn't much in the fight

Panthers offside at 12:58

I'm trying to find out what, if any penalty Galbraith received...

Seems Galbraith had 5mins for fighting also...

But no, it sounds like Michel took a beating :(

Devils seem to have lost their heads. Voth slashes D'Armour trying to get him to fight but D'Armour declines

Panthers penalty at 15:03. Neilson 2mins for roughing

Panthers penalty at 15:03. Neilson 2mins for roughing

Latulippe got called for holding. Neilson takes a swipe at Voth so Voth drops Neilson. All get 2mins...

Devils penalties at 15:13. Latulippe 2mins holding, Voth 2mins roughing.

Devils penalties at 15:13. Latulippe 2mins holding, Voth 2mins roughing.

Seems we have mass brawls at 17:08...

My internet is dying on its arse again, hopefully OJ can take over at some poiint

Finnerty beat Lee. Voth fighting Laroque...

Latulippe vs someone

Finnerty has been sent to dressing room...

Big delay in game, time for OJ to take over, Sorry for delay folks :(

Penalties are... Finnerty 5mins fighting. Voth 2+2 for roughing + 10min misconduct

Panthers penalties. Lee 5mins fighting 2+10 instigating.

Panthers Richardson had 2mins for roughing also

Chris has lost his connection so I have stepped in OJ

I am trying to make sense of the texts

Panthers goal @ 20:57

Devils penalty - Adams @ 20:57

Panthers 2 goal scored by McAslan

Apologies 2nd Panthers goal scored @ 19:03

When I started I assumed we were in 2nd period

End of 1st Period DEVILS 0 Panthers 2

Trying to make sense of texts it would appear that the Devils will be penalty killing for 1:03 at start of 2nd period

Sorry for the delay in taking over from Chris but I was in the middle of a large download and I had to unzip it quickly for some info I needed

The Devils bench minor came about because Lyle pointed out that the net had been dislodge before the Panthers goal and the Bench went wild

Assists on Panthers 2nd goal went to Laroque and Molin

2nd period begins

Panthers penalty @ 22:55 - Neilson - elbows

Lets get that pp into gear Devils

Devils GOAL

One timer from Smith - ppg

Devils 1st goal scored at 23:20 by Smith, assist Towe

Its nice when the team listens to you!!

Panthers icing @ 25:42

Another Panthers icing @ 25:52

Voth will be back first stoppage after 31:18

Lyle saves a back post tap in chance for Panthers

Panthers penalty @ 27:25 - Bergin - high sticks


Panthers kill penalty

Bergin has a breakaway opportunity as he leaves sinbin, luckily Lyle is alert to situation

DEVILS GOAL thanks to panthers net minder

Shot from behind net caught by St Pierre who then drops it in net

Devils 2nd goal scored by BEN DAVIES

Goal time 30:28

Panthers penalty @ 30:50 - Laocque - hooking

Devils penalty @ 31:11 - Richardson - hooking

Panthers kill penalty

Larocque penalty should have been a penalty shot as Michel was clear on goal and hooked from behind

Voth and the rest of them are back

Devils icing @ 34:18

Assist on Devils 2nd goal goes to #45 whoever he or she may be

Game has calmed down physically

Scott Romfo is #45

Panther ice the puck at 36:58

Panthers player down - Meyers

Hes getting up very slowly and making his way off the ice

Sits on the bench, seems he is not certain where he is

Blood being cleared off ice

One of my texters says Lyle now back at parity after two soft goals being followed by some big saves

There can't be that much blood on the ice or Meyers would need a transfussion

Well maybe there are uneventful minutes

There were

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Panthers 2

If there are anyone out there going to Belfast on Wednes get in touch and you can give a hand to bring that crucial CC to everyone else on MNL

Unconfirmed reports that tonights game was a sell out or a near sell out anyway

There don't seem to be many empty seats and plenty standing

Thats what we need to hear

I was at a party last night with key members of the original Devils organisation - one of them was 60

No it wasn't Shannon although he was there

No Mo is 60 next year

Ice is ready

We are underway for 3rd period

Lee thwarts a Devils 2 on 1 with a poke check

Birbraer hits post with slapshot from face off

Birbraer hasn't done very much in game so far, but if he gets the winner we shall forgive him

Latulippe misses a golden opportunity

Gametime 45:00

There a fan who has had too many sherberts shouting at both teams

Panthers offside @ 45:45

Those of you e-mail me about the Giants beating the Capitals 9-0, there is nothing to worry about as usually after a big win you have a bad game

DEvils penalty

Finnerty and Levers having words

Finnerty penalty @ 47:21 - hooking

Devils pk performing well, clearing their zone

Devils return to full strength

Finnert breakaway, hes hooked and tripped

Panthers penalty @ 49:31 - D'armour - tripping

Come on Devils get that pp into overdrive

Devils pp I am sorry to report was awful, hemmed in their own zone

You can't score from there

Panthers return to full strength

Devils penalty @ 51:33 - Michel - boarding

Larocque nailed by Finnerty, falls over trying to get to bench

St Pierre almost caught off guard by a long shot

Penalty killed by Devils

5 minutes left

Officials miss a Panthers - too many men

I think this will go to OT

Prove me wrong Devils & score

Lots of pressure from Devils

Last 2 minutes

Devils all over the Panthers

Don't give them a rash its a GOAL we want

Last minute

End of regulation time DEVILS 2 Panthers 2

OT here we come

Good game but both teams look tired

Its anyones game

Birbraer, Smith, Hartwick and Romfo start for Devils

oT starts

Voth kills a Panther who wandered into our crease

1 min of OT gone

Panther breaks his stick going for a big shot

2 minutes gone

Puck hits Lyle on mask

Panthers dominating OT so far - 3 minutes gone


Hartwick we think

Assists to Romfo

Panthers MoM - Meyers

That was Scott Romfo 2nd assit of the game


St Pierre gave up a big rebound for the Devils winner

Game winner scored at 62:12

Hope we managed to bring you good coverage of the game despite technical problems

Big thank you to our Texters at the Tent

We hope to bring you the CC game in Belfast on Wednesday, if you or you know of anyone who can help with texts let us know

Thanks its from me OJ and from Chris, until the next time