Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Belfast Giants

1 hour till game time \o/

Chris with you tonight, and as usual I can be reached at

First lot of texters have started arriving, word is it's colder inside than outside and far colder than yesterday...

Confirmation that McMorrow is playing, has taken to the ice for warmup

Marc and Carl both predicting a Devils victory, 4-3 and 4-2, here's hoping :)

No major injuries I don't think Carl, Belfast have a couple of players spare after returning from injury. McMorrow sat out yesterday but has made a return tonight, no doubt to try and fight Voth in the warmup or at the start of the game...

Word from the rink says Murphy looking good in warmup, not sure what that means for Lyle :E

David in Belfast hoping for a 4-2 Devils victory! On the question of Jason Stone icing, i've really no idea. It came as a surprise that he was benched for the first time after the Coventry game on the 27th, but the way Symonds is playing I guess it's for the best

In my opinion Stone has played a couple of seasons too many, I know it's disappointing for his testimonial year, but if Symonds keeps playing the way he is I can't see how Stone can get back into the team. There are some awfully good players kicking around this season and unfortunately I don't think Stone has the pace or skill to keep up :S

One of my emailers has just mentioned that Stone might only be staying as injury cover for the foreseeable future

Afraid my internet is playing up, so Chris signing off. OJ will be taking over very shortly!

OJ here, sorry for the delay I was on a night off and out when I had the call

McMorrow is on opening face off

Voth v McMorrow called a draw

Game had started

Win for Voth says another of my texters

Voth wins on a 2.5 to 0,5 score

McMorrow tried to get Michel, Voth steps in

I am now told fight was before game started

Penalties Voth 2+10

Correction both Voth & McMorrow got fighting majors @ 0:52

I am confused I am getting different penalties from everyone

Devils penalty - Latulippe - delay of game @ 1:27

Devils on pk

Giants ppg @ 3:20

Giants goal scored by Bateman

Scored by Bateman assists Awada

Michel hits Murphy

Apologies but network problems seem to be spreading

Latulippe on break away shoots high

Giants penalty Awada - slashing @ 4:52

Giants penalty Jacobsen - tripping @ 5:28

Devils have 5 on 3

Confirmation Voth called for 5 + 2 + 10

Scored by Towe assists Smith & Birbraer

Time of Devils goal 6:30 ppg

Feeling that game is going to kick off any minute

Devils penalty

Miller - slashing @ 7:19

Blaze penalty @ 7:19 - Johnson - x-checking

2nd assist on Giants goal goes to Cook

McMorrow on his 2nd shift

McMorrow on 2nd shift falls over at face off

Giants icing @ 10:02


Devils 2nd goal scored by Adams

Giants penalty - Walsh - 10 minute misconduct

Assists on DEvils 2nd goal go to Finnerty & Michel

Devils goal + Giants penalty timed @ 10:05

Its hectic I still have my overcoat on

Something or someone has upset Jay, hes gone mental

Devils penalty @ 11:01 - Latulippe - x-checking

Giants penalty also @ 11:01 - Peacock - elbows

Sorry about not reporting on e-mails I will in the break

Gametime 15 minutes

Gametime 15:00

Yes Carl, Finnerty would seem to be a great signing for the Devils

Voth back soon, first whistle after 17:52

The mighty VOTH is back

Devils have a 2 on 1 Smith takes shot - misses


Giants finishing period strongest

Giants offside @ 19:24

Giants finishing period strongest

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Giants 1

Latulippe & Shields have a handbag discussion at the buzzer

I have noticed that the gamescore is not being displayed, if that is true can someone confirm by e-mailing me at

To confirm score DEVILS 2 Giants 1 at end of 1st period

Score seems to display OK I don't know why I am having problems

Thanks for the e-mails everyone

We do seem to have some problems with the server, its slow at times

Connection being reset whilst I am uploading info is the biggest problem

Connection problems, connection being reset whilst uploading

Not a bad crowd at the Tent, bigger than last night

Ice is ready

All quiet from the Tent

2nd period underway

Birbraer down

Hes up and gingerly makes his way to the bench

Giants penalty @ 21:09 - Benedict - slashing

Giants penalty @ 21:09 - Benedict - slashing

Giants penalty @ 22:10 - Johnson - holding

Sog 1st period Devils 15 Giants 14

Jarvis wrister from point


Devils 3rd goal a ppg scored by Jarvis, assists Smith & Birbraer

Giants penalty @ 22:21 - Johnson - 10 minute misconduct whilst he was in the sinbin

Devils 3rd goal was also timed at 22:21

Giants penalty @ 25:50 - Awada - high sticks

DEVILS GOAL scored by Richardson - ppg

Devils 4th goal @ 25:55 scored by Richardson, assists Smith & Michel

Slapshot by Richardson hit Murphy in the Giants net, puck spun over him into net - THank you very much

Slapshot by Richardson, hit Murphy in Giants net and spun over him into the goal

What has happenned to Devils pp thats THREE PPG

Game has died down after all that excitement - now really slow

Devils penalty - Symmonds - holding the stick

Penalty timed @ 30:54

Texts are coming in late and out of sequence apparently Hartwick got a minor at 26:37 - slashing

Devils on pk

Giants got away with too many men as skaters jump off the ice leaving them shorthanded

Devils offside @ 35:49

No news is good news as they say

Giants penalty @ 39:03 - Cook - x-checking

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Giants 1

The Boss - Chris S told me that tonight we will possibly pass the total views that MNL register last season. That is what you call growth, we must be doing something right, all we need to do now is find the recipe for better Devils away form

Giants penalty - Bateman 10 minute misconduct @ 40:00

Come on you Devils you carry on being nice and polite to Mr Hicks

Brad I think you should apologise for your outburst after 52 seconds

Ice ready

WE are off for the 3rd period

Giants ice @ 41:38

SoG for 2nd period Devils 5 Giants 11

Thats what I am told - we have been out shot 25-20 and lead 4-1

Devils off side @ 43:02

Lets run the clock in double time, nobody will notice

Last season MNL had 21,478 unique viewers, upto last night we have had 20,796

The texts line has frozen, well they have gone quiet, or gone to the bar

Is there a bar at the Tent, I must attend a game soon, not a Steelers game in case HE turns up

Devils icing @ 48:08

Giants putting on a bit of pressure but the game has gone a bit boring

Sorry for this folks but I have had just 4 texts this period so far, it must be boring

Anyone ever seen a streaker on the ice

The nearest Ive seen was Doug McEwen doing his dance routine when we were waiting for the Durham Wasps to arrive in that game that stated on a Sunday and finished on a Monday

Game is still boring and slow, Giants putting on a bit of pressure but it is the DEvils who are gcreating the better chances

Murphy saves from Davies @ 55:16

Devils icing @ 55:51

Dozens of fans have gone to sleep, wake them up at the final buzzer

Non event of a 3td period drawing to a closeure

Giants breakaway foiled by what seems to have been a Devils high stick, Giants player went down

Devils penalty @ 57:50 - Symmonds - high sticks

Murphy went to play the puck behind his net but fell over

Last 30 secs

Devils kill penalty

Save by Lyle @ 59:54


A good 4 point weekend

Giants MoM - Pat Bateman


McMorrow doing his usual PR stint, hugs for the Devils mascot and high fives for young fans

Big thank you to the texters, you know who you were, which is more than I do

Thats all from me OJ until the next time, if you can't get to the game next Sunday join us on MNL