Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Coventry Blaze

Wlcome to MNL as we await the Blaze at the Tent

Join me (OJ) later as we envisaged that the clash of the Devils & Blaze will bring some welcomed heat to Cardiff Bay.

As my loyal texters make their way to the Tent I shall have my tea

Score predictions plus other hockey and non hockey related info (wethers reports etc) to me at

All texters reported for duty so we will have our normal excellent MNL coverage for you tonight

Tim in Coventry is generous, he would be happy with a single point for the Blaze, sorry Tim we Devils fans are greedy we want all two just for us

Where are all the score predictions?

Marc must either be asleep or snowed in somewhere as he is usually the first in line

We would like to know what the Giants travel plans are for tomorrows visit to Cardiff

At least the Devils will be in town early tomorrow and I don't mean being out late on the town tonight

The Devils better win tonight as I am not a happy bear

I gave up on a trip to Tenerife for a gathering of ex-pats as I wanted to go to the Champion Hurdle at Ffos Las.

Racing was off and I tried to get a late flight but the prices were sky high so you will have to make do with me rabbiting on here on MNL

All quiet from the Tent, I will have to rattle the cage and see if any texters fall out

Also quiet on the e-mail front is there any truth that Coventry has gone into hibbernation

I wonder how near the now is, Steve on the Forum said it was snoweing in Newton when he left.

At this rate my texter at Nottingham will report in first on the Panthers v Capitals game

The boss (Chris S) is back in Uni at Nottingham and has gone to the Panthers game and I bet he can't resist sending me updates from that game

Tim now says he wants both points well he can't

Jo in deepest West Wales predicts a 3-2 Devils victory

Panic beginning to set in - Where have all my texters gone?

Have the Blaze arrived or are they waiting for the Devils to arrive?

Its a small crowd at the Tent tonight

If its a small crowd at the Tent I should have more e-mails but I haven't

Marc has finally turned up and predicts a narrow 4-3 victory for the Devils possibly after OT

Darnell is referee

Breaking News - The light in the Gents won't stay on

Public address system playing up apparently

Teams are on the ice


No sound system - well only a partial one which you can understand

Full squads foe each team

PA system getting better

We are underway

Lyle saves from Fulghum

Devils offside @ 32 secs

BBC cameras at game

Devils started with Voth, Birbraer and Smith up front

Devils icing @ 1:24

i'm told I posted an incorrect e-mail address it should be

Thanks to Aled & Leslety for that, they predict a 5-3 win for Devils

2 on 1 for the Devils, Birbraer misses the puck and fall over

Blaze icing @ 3:44

Game very much stop & start at the moment

Devils icing @ 4:45

Hull have the only goal so fat tonite

Blaze offside @ 5:24

Devils icing @ 5:44

Blaze on top in a low paced game, Devils need to throw some hits

6 minutes gone

Easy save of a Latulippe slap shot

Hirsch saves from Latulippe after Jay had combined well with Hill

Blaze icing @ 8:14

Capitals score first goal at Nottingham

Good check in own end leads to a good period of Devils offense

Blaze Goal

Blaze 1st goal @ 9:05 after a 3 on 1 break

Scored by Fulghum, assist Allen

It looked as if Lyle had puck but Blaze dislodge it and scored

One texter tells me goal scored by Allen, assist Fulghum

Birbraer nailed by Robinson

If anyone has contact with someone at Isle of Wight for the ENL DEvils game e-mail me their number and I can text them

Apologies for nor covering ENL game but I have been busy

Michel is the only standout Devil

Gametime 15:35

Hirsch makes great save from Voth

Voth shot was at 15:50 after great pass from Finnerty

Devils have upped their game

Blaze defend well as Devils create chances

Blaze Goal @ 18:24

Scored by Owen assists Stewart and Henry

Wayward pass from Birbraer led to Blaze goal

Blaze Penalty

Fight involving Miller

Blaze penalty @ 19:12 - lee 2 tripping and 2 roughing

Devils penalty Latulippe - roughing. Miller 2 interfeence And 2 roughing

End of 1st period Devils 0 Blaze 2

Too many turnovers from the Devils

Isle of Wight 0 ENL Devils 1 after first period

Blaze start 2nd period with 1:12 of powerplay

Teams return to the ice

Lets hope that the Devils show more fight this period

SoG Devils 8 Blaze 12

Off for the 2nd period

Lets kill this penalty Devils

Devils return to full strength

Voth misses an empty net

Miss was at 23:30

Devils pffside @ 24:24 much to the annoyance of fans

Giants are the only home team leading at the moment

Latulippe on a nice breakaway but overdoes it and goes wide

Devils penalty @ 26:44 _ Finnerty - hooking

Another efficient PK please Devils

At IoW ENL Devils winning 4-3 after 2 periods

Thanks to Derek and his contacts for keeping us upto date with ENL DEvils

Blaze penalty Cowley - 9nterference @ 28:32

Gametime 30 minutes

Make this pp pay Devils

Blaze kill penalty

Devils failing to establish pp

Lyle sav @ 11:03 from Calder

Finnerty tangles with Carlson

Devils penalty @ 31:12 - Finnerty - interference

So much for the Devils good form at home, showing nothing tonite

Voth shoots high after a 2 on 1

Devils have created more on PK than they have when on pp

Blaze offside @ 33:07


Devils return to full strength

Max Birbraer goes close twice

Stone not getting a shift tonight by all accounts

Stone not getting a shift tonight by all accounts

Now 4 4 at IoW

Blaze penalty @ 34:59 - Hirsch - interference

Interference was on Latulippe

DEVILS GOAL ppg @ 36:15

Scored by Jarvis

Assists Michel and Birbraer

Cracking shot from point with Miller screening the netminder

Blaze icing @ 37:33

Hill got second assist not Birbraer

Handbags between Voth and Campbell

Voth skates away from Campbell

Blaze penalty @ 37:46 - Campbell 2+2 roughing

Devils penalty - Voth - roughing @ 37:46

Lets get another ppg

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Blaze 2

Somehow Devils have got themselves back into this game

ENL Devils now leading 5-4

Come on U Devils this game is there to be won


Officials are out

So are the teams

3rd period underway

Blaze icing at 43:00

Blaze penalty @ 43:00

Owen - tripping @ 43:29

Ref hit in head by puck, hes down

OK he's up

Darnell is OK


Devils 2nd goal @ 45:37 scored by Hill

Assist Jarvis

Devils 2nd goal scored on delayed penalty, Devils kept the puck for 40 secs before Phil Hill scored

Devils seemingly in total control

Blaze offside @ 48:39

Anoth Blaze icing @ 49:07

Devils penalty @ 49:12 - Finnerrty - tripping

KIll Kill KIll

Gametime 49:45

Devils kill penalty

Blaze penalty @ 51:28 - Watkins - tripping


Blaze kill penalty

DEvils penalty @ 53:41 - Voth - boarding


Devils 3rd goal @ 55:49 scored by Birbraer

Assists to Voth & Latulippe

Last 2 minutes

Blaze icing @ 59:37

Devils camped in Blaze end

Blaze time out

Blaze icing @ 59:52

FINAL Score DEVILS 3 Blaze 2

FINAL Score DEVILS 3 Blaze 2

Blaze MoM Greg Owen

Devils MoM - Wes Jarvis

News re Sundays name - At the moment it is still on, final announcement will be made around noon on Sunday on the Devils website

Thanks to our texters tonight - Sharlene, Wildthing, The Stub, Andy Blaze, Merthyr Devils, Devils2001 ans Paul

Thats it for tonight see you all tommorrow if the Giants can make across the Irish Sea

Good night, save journey home to everyone - OJ