Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

Good evening sorry for the delay but I have been trying to get a definative view of when this game will start

Face Off will be at 6:30

Although it has now been announced it will be at 6:15 - confusion reigns

I can tell you that the Steelers were at the Tent good and early, the Devils arrived finallt at 5:20pm

6:15 seems to be favourite for face off time

All mytexters have been allocated their duties

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No predictions so far, there are plenty on the Forum thread for this game

Thinking about tonights game thread, there are 56 replies and 1,166 views and the game hasn't started yet

Lets hope that the Devils can get rid of their sea legs and coach legs quickly and bring us a victory to cheer us up

Keith doesn't have a good feeling for tonights game

I have 7 texters at the tent and they have all gone Mute on me

Warmup drawing to a close

Zamboni trying to catch its tail

I have been trying to find out the attendance at last nights ENL game, anyone know

Neil Francis has stated that no player is on a 2 week notice

He also stated that the reason the team had to come home by ferry vis Scotland was that there were no seats available on any flights due to people returning after the New Years holidays.

I can't recall anyone changing the date of the New Year or the fixture in Belfast , can you?

Rebecca in Belfast predicts a 3-2 victory for the Devils

Trying to obtain team news

Ice is ready

Verner warmed up but stayed on the ice till the end which might suggest he is not starting

Ben Davies & Jamie Hayes icing for the Devils

Referee is Thompson

Waiting for the teams to take to the ice

Dan Green in net for Steelers

David in Belfast sees it as a 5-3 win for Devils

I don;t know what the Devils did to the Giants as they are 3-0 down to the Blaze after 5 minutes

Team intros

Hot news: Voth & Phillips did shake hands at ceremonial face off

Always first with the breaking news thats MNL for you

Devils start with Jarvis & Richardson: Birbraer, Finnerty & Michel

Anthems been and gone

We are away

Latulippe throws an eary hit on Thomas

Steelers penalty @ 1:14 - Thomas - hooking

Get that pp into overdrive you Devils

Halway thru pp not a SoG from Devils

Easy save by Green from a weak shot from point

Now Green saves wrist shot from Voth

Steelers back to full strength

Gametime 3:33

Voth nails Morgan against boards

5 minutes gone, Steelers have not had a SoG yet

Devils penalty @4:59 Adams - hooking

Lers kill it

Lers kill it

Steelers have their first shot, a weak effort saved by Lyle

The good news is that the Steelers pp is worse than the Devils version

Devils kill penalty


Devils 1st goal scored by Smith assist Miller

Goal timed @ 7:08

Devils penalty @ 7:50 - Hartwick - interference

Habbaur goes coast to coast but Lyle saves

Smith was given a perfect pass from Sarich for his goal, why Miller got assists heavens knows

Devils kill penalty

Devils offside @ 10:16

Derek predicts a 4-3 Devils victory

At Coventry at the end of 1st Blaze 3 Giants 0 and Giants have already used their time out

I wonder whats the earliest a team has used its timeout

Steelers penalty @ 12:14 - Hewitt - hooking

Puck takes a dodgy bounce, Green just about saves as Finnerty closes in but can't connect with rebound

Steeler penalty @ 12:47 - Bolibruck - holding

90 secs of 5 on 3

So long as we don't draw any penalties

Steelers return to 4 skaters

Steelers had two clear chances whilst on 3 on 5

Stone not getting a shift

Steelers back to full strength

No ppg for the Devils who were lucky not to concede a shg


Devils 2nd goal @ 16:34 scored by Voth assists Latulippe & Hill

An awesome goal by all accounts

To clarify I don't repeat predictions on here which have been posted on the Forum

Devils penalty @ 18:54 - Birbraer - tripping

Lets kill it and have a nice break between periods

Devils penalty @ 19:45 - Hartwick - slashing

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Steelers 0

2nd period will start with 53 secs of 5 on 3 for the Steelers

Devils pretty much all over the Devils in that period except Steelers look dangerous on pk

Yes Derek 2-0 is the worse lead in hockey or any sport for that matter equivalent to 6-0 in rugby I suppose

There is a racing car on the ice which is deafening when revved up but less annoying than the drummers says one deaf texter

I believe it is 56 seconds of 3 on 5

Steelers away next WEdnesday then FOUR home games on the trot

Well done to the Junior Devils (<16) who remain unbeaten after a 10-4 victory at Streatham

Teams are back on the ice

Puck drops

Steelers goal @ 20:50 ppg

Scored by Legue

Slap shot goal whilst on 5 on 3

Steelers goal @ 22:34 scored by Legue assist Talbot

Steelers penalty @ 22:39 - Farmer - hogh sticks

Steelers penalty @ 22:39 - Farmer - hogh sticks

Devils pp is worse than aweful

Steelers don't have to clear their zone as Devils loose control and take it out

Steelers kill penalty

All the good work of the opener undone in less than 2 minutes

Stellers penalty Hubbauer - Hoojking @ 27:22

Steelers kill penalty at least the Devils pp got out of 1st gear that time

Green saves from Davies

Steelers offside @ 30:24

Devils are putting a lot of pressure on Steelers

Not giving up many shots though

Jarvis wrist shot goes high

Steelers goal @ 36:38 - Cruikshank

Assist for Shepard on Steelers 3rd goal

Cruikshank & Latulippe came together, bit of handbags and they both jump off the ice ?????

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Steelers 3

This is where we find if we have a coach, team were cruising at 2-0, lapse of concentration and effort and its 2-2. we go in 2-3 in our own barn so lets see what happens in the third

There were no mention of any hits in that 2nd period - maybe its a non-contact game, bless them - over tired

Ice ready

I am now having texts for the first period

They are slow coming out

Here they come

3rd period starts

Hartwick -3 say my spotters

Lots of pressure from Devils but they cannot get the biscuit in the net

Steelers breakout thwarted by Jarvis poke check

SoG Devils 13+10, Steelers 9 + 7

Devils icing @ 43:59

If the Devils don't pick up their game we are going to lose this one

Best check of the game by Dagenais on Miller

Could he repeat it to wake up a few more please

At 46:08 we have handbags between Finnerty and THREE Steelers

I am watching this spider climbing up the wall - that's excitement for you

Are we subjecting this rubbish to anyone far away? Let me know

Steelers penalty @ 47:25 Thomas - hooking


Steelers kill penalty

Gametime 50 minutes

Devils play much better when at full strength, its as if they worry about their team mate all alone in the sinbin

Hartwick shoots no goal light but it looked as if it went in

It most definitely went passed Green and came back oput but there was no noise of it hitting pipes

Devils icing @ 51:33

Past and passed I am getting tired and confused

Devils bench penalty for too many men @ 52:09

DEvils sh breakaway messed up

Referee misses too many men for Steelers

Devils kill penalty

5 minutes left

Steelers icing @ 55:08

Devils looking cream crackered


Scored by Wes Jarvis

Devils 3rd goal @55:04 scored by Jarvis, Assists Michel & Towe

Devils 3rd goal @55:04 scored by Jarvis, Assists Michel & Towe

Sorry 55:44 goal time

Lyle save @ 56:18

3-3 as we approach last 2 minutes

Gametime 58:33

Puck out of play @ 58:44

30 secs left in game

End of regulation time DEVILS 3 Steelers 3

Into OT we go

Come on u Devils give your loyal fans something to shout about

OT starts with Hill, Latulippe, Hartwick and Michel

Sorry Richardson not Michel


WE WIN 4 -3

Devils winner scored by Finnerty on a 2 on 1 breakaway

Goaltime 61:11

Steelers MoM - Legue

Devils MoM - Hartwick

Two of my experienced texters cannot believe who got Devils MoM

Good crowd tonight at the tent by all accounts

Big thank you to my texters: Sharlene, Andy Blaze, Merthyr Devil, Devils2001, Wildthing & Paul

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next time - probably next Wednesday's visit to Sheffield if we have texters