Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 4 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for t6he first gane of 2010 as the DEvils travel across the Irish Sea to take on the Giants

OJ here in the MNL studio, the big Boss Chris S has travelled to Belfast and will be our texter tonight

Chris has arrived and tells me that it is as cold over there as it is in Cardiff

Game predictions always welcomed to

It will be interesting to see who has the whistle in Belfast tonight with a full schedule EIHL games

Do we complain more about referees thesedays than the old days with Ken Taggart, Nico Toeman etc

Russky are you going out, thats why you have given me your prediction (3-1 to the Giants) early. Its cold out there

Russky not going out but watching Liverpool on TV

Cardiff City are getting a reputation of not wanting to put their kit on if its too cold, what cissies, I thought they are wore tights anyway - Finny does

No racing today other than all weather but who wants to watch that

I hope the weather get better before Saturday for the Welsh Champion Hurdle at Ffos Las.

A horse that I own a little part of is entered for Saturday, not in the Champion Hurdle i hassen to add

Miserable lot on e-mails are predicting a Giants win. Where are you true believers?

The Devils performances on the road of late have made everyone depressed.

I believe this is the start of the climb out of the big on the road pothole

That's the way Angela, as you say New Year, New Start Devils win 4-2

It looks like Darnell is in charge

Warm up in progress

I am surprised that we haven't had e-mails from Devils fans on holiday in some exotic places over the holiday period

Symmonds warming up, no sign of Hayes yet

If there are Devils fans going to the Tent for the ENL v Invicta Dynamos with access to e-mails can they e-mail me ( so that I can give them my MNL mobile number for updates. It looks as if there will be a big crowd there tonite

Hayes is icing for the Devils

No nonsense from McMorrow in warm up (yet!!!)

Last 2 minutes of warm up

Warm over

Keith in Aber hopes for a Devils win

Its a 3-2 Devils win for Carl after SO

Giants take to the ice - first!

Around a dozen Devils fans in Belfast

Its 4-3 Devils for Richard

Devils start with Jarvis, Richardson: Michel, Finnerty and Miller

WE are off

Devils penalty @ 0:57 Bench minor - too many men

Davies sits penalty

Giants hits pipes

Play stopped @ 1:46 mele at Devils crease

Big pressure from Giants

Devils kill penalty

Giants all over Devils

Hill goes close @ 4:02

Giants penalty @4:26 - too many men

Giants Penalty

Devils have 5 on 3

Giants penalty @ 6:12 was against Jocaobsen - tripping

No joy with 14 secs of 5 on 3

Devils pp seems to be in gear, not overdrive I hasten to add

Murphy saves from Voth @ 7:30

Another Murphy save

Giants back to full strength

DEvils did creat chances on pp

Good save from Lyle

Devils offside @ 8:56

No atmosphere in Odessey

Jarvis goes close at 10 mins

Birbraer floored

Invicta score after 40 secs in game at the Tent

Symmonds gettings shifts instead of Stone

Devils penalty @ 11:14 - Miller - holding the stick

Lerts kill this penalty Devils

Good save - Lyle

Lyle save @ 12:41

Devils return to full strength after good pk

Smith hits pipes

15 mins gone

Lyle save @ 15:27

Yet another Lyle save @ 15:33

ENL DEvils 0 Invicta 2 after 9 minutes


Score folks ENL Devils score, Steve Fisher now 1 - 2

18 minutes gone end to end stuff

Cook floors Miller with massive hit

Final minute

Thanks to Nia we are getting updates from the Tent as well

Giants icing @ 19:58

End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 0

Now 2-2 at the Tent

Good period by the Devils in Belfast, lets hope it is not their ONLY good period of the game as has been the case recently

Still in the 1st period at the tent, after 15 minutes its Devils 2 Invicta 2

Officials back on the ice

Darnell doing OK so far

Giants back

Here we go for 2nd period

At the end of 1st ENL Devils 2 Invicta 2

Devils penalty @ 21:04 - Hill - tripping

Weak call says Chis, then he would

Giants shot deflected out of rink @ 22:20

That nasty Echo is back

Devils kill penalty

Good crowd at Tent by all accounts

Giants goal @ 23:20 scored by Awada assist Bateman

Defence failed to clear after 2 Lyle saves

Giants offside @ 24:11

Lyle save @ 24:46

Murphy save @ 25:15

Another Murphy save @ 25:41

Apologies for ognoring e-mails but keeping an eye on two games is testing me

Giants icing @ 26:44

28 minutes gone, still a wide open game

GTiants 2nd goal @ 2826 - Cheverie assist Jacobsen

Lyle coughed up puck Jacobsen took it behind net and fed Cheverie

Giants penalty at 30:00 - Phillips - interference


DEvils 1st goal @ 30:48 scored by Miller assists Smith & Birbraer

2nd period underway at Tent

Devils off side @ 31:39

Lest we forget that was a Devils ppg

Voth & McMorrow come together - no penalties - yet!!

Giants penalty @ 33:55 - Phillips - holding

Sog 1st period 13 each

Jarvis shot mm wide of the mark

Puck out of play @ 35:07

Devils penalty @ 35:53 - Smith - holding

4 on 4 for 2 secs then Giants pp

Crap penalty that last call, technical term used by Chris

Finnerty sh breakaway saved

Devils kill penalty

Good pk that

After killing penalty we have 3 centres on ice

2nd ENL Devils goal scored by Alan Armour, after 28 minutes it is still 2 2

Final minute

Devils icing @ 39:45

Lyle save @ 39:55

End of 2nd period Giants 2 DEVILS 1

Sog for 2nd period: Giants 16 Devils 10

Devils looking more of a team than in previous games but the lines seem to be all over the place.

I won't tell you what postings on the Medway Invicta website called our National Anthem, then what else can you exoect from them

3 minutes still start of 3rd period

Despite massive signal issues were are indebted to Chris for the updates from Belfast

Officials return to the ice

Followed by the two teams

Come on you DEVILS give us a period we can all be proud of

GOAL ENL DEVILS scored by Chris Hart ppg making it Devils 3 Invicta 2

Here we go for 3 rd period

Devils go close but after a scramble puck cleared

GOAL ENL DEVILS scored by Tim Burrows now 4-2

Devils penalty Miller - roughing, Giants pen alty Awada - roughing both @ 42:39

End of 2nd at Tent ENL Devils 4 Invicta 2

Lyle save @ 44:37

Giants penalty @ 44:44 - Thornton - high sticks

Devils old habits return - dum,p % chase on pp

PP really aweful

That is a coaching issue

Smith shot deflected

Giants kill penalty

Cook nails Ben Davies @ 48:02

Devils icing @ 48:24

Giants icing @ 49:11

Adams floors Benedict and smashes his eggs

Shot deflected out of rick @ 50:27 followed by handbags between Adams & Benedict

Giants 3rd goal @50:46 scored by Shilds assist Thornton

A case of AWOL defence I am sorry to say

Thornton nails Miller

I thought we were the hitting team

Lyle save @ 51:48

Another Lyle save @ 52:00

Devils don't look like scoring

Giants icing @ 52:42

3rd period about to start at the Tent

Hopefully we will keep MNL going until the end of ENL game

Giants 4th goal scored @ 53:52 by Awada, assists Benedict & Shields

Finnerty nailed @ 54:33

DEevils letting themselves down by quality of their passing

Passing drills till they drop, then more passing drills

Every missed pass 10 press ups on the ice

Handbags, Voth gets jumpede by McMorrow who gets a 10 minute misconduct @ 56:30

Mc Morrow gor 2 for roughing as well as the misconduct

Final 2 minutes

PP useless

Giants return to full strength

Final minute

Invicta score now 4-3 to the ENL DEvils

Final score Giants 4 DEVILS 1

GOAL ENL scored by Alan Armour now 5-3 to the EHL Devils

Devils MoM - Miller

Only Latulippe, Davies, Hayes and Symmonds achnowledge travelling fans

Thanks to Chris S at Belast for his efforts

Hope the team and KIT arrive back in time for Sundays game

It is a cracking game in the Tent by all accounts ENL Devils winning 5-3 in third period

Will keep MNL live until the end ogf the game thanks to Nia and James keeping me updated

Giants MoM Awada

Alan Armour ex Swindon has netted twice for the ENL Devils

Other goals coming from Fisher, Burrows and Hart

I suppose there are some of you out there who can remember the epic games between Medway and Cardiff in the late 1980's

I remember one game when there were so many in the OLD WNIR you couldn't move, if the fire officer had turned up then we would have been close down

WE have a repeat of the Voth & Knight off ice event at the Tent involving Manson & Smith

Ivicta's Adam Smith got 10 misconduct, Devils James Manson 2 + 10 for checking from behind

Gametime 52:40

Invicta pp is on a par with the Devils - rubbish

Lennon get 2 mins for Invicta

ENL DEvils on pp

Brabons stops a good Invicta sh breakaway

Final 2 minutes of the game still Devils 5 Invicta 3

Invicta kill penalty

Time out Invicta

ENG for ENL Devils scored by David James

Devils Timeout

Cuddihy hopefully telling them no silly stuff at end of game to spoil a cracking victory

Time out was for a group hug

Final score ENL DEVILS 6 Invicta 3

Invicta MoM Peter Vaisanen

Devils MoM - Alan Armour

Chris is on his way back to Nottingham from Belfast - thanks Chris

A big thank you to Nia and James for the info from the ENL Devils game

Thats all from me until Sunday evening when the Steelers are in town, I wonder which Devils team we will see tomorrow night