Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 5 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL. its OJ here in the MNL control box

We hope to bring an eventful MNL with a win for our Devils

My three brave texters have arrived at Nottingham

My texters have spotted another pair of Devils supporters so with Five brave fans can the team give them a goal each for their efforts

Game predictions plus any other hockey chit chat to me at

What is the world coming to, we know have Blaze fans wishing us luck

Texters happy as they are give a 30p discount per pint

Reports that Bruce Richardson is out with a cut hand

Only of my texters sees this game going into OT

Tim wants Nottingham to lose, I suppose that means we WIN

Were are you non travelling Devils fans with your predictions

I know why Glynne doesn't go to away games - he hasn't got a passport

Why didn't we have MNL when I lived in sunny Tenerife?

I think my tezters are predicting aPanthers win so that they can have more cheap beer.

Thank goodness there is one believer Simon my chief texter tonite agrees with me that the DEVILS are going to win

Travelling fan count now 8

Stephen O sees us going down 5 2 but hopes he is wrong

Warm up over

Face off some 20 minutes away

Hayes ices for the Devils

Checking whether Adams is icing tonight

Texters have finally left the bar

Zamboni on the ice, tension mounts

Adams ices wearing a full cage

Carl calls it 3-2 Devils

Derek goes one better with a 4-2 win for the DEvils

Russky calls it 3-1 Panthers but with rose tinted glasses on sees a 4-3 OFT win for the boys

Richardson, Dalgliesh and Toneys not icing for Panthers

Michael Hicks is the referee

Devils travelling supporters now around 30 strong, WELL DONE YOU ALL

Ice is ready

Driller on

These new texters are keen

Gareth sees a 2-1 win for the Devils after a tonguelashing

Officials take to the ice

My Echo is back

Devils take to the ice

My texters are the only ones singing the anthem, the others seem to be in a negative mood already or are they saving themselves for the game

We are ready for the off

After the Panthers intro that went on and on

I don't know what my lot were singing as the Anthems are on now

Texters quite excited we have a female linesperson

Angela thinks we are done for as Hicks has the whistle

Adams face is an absolute mess

Get some photos made to place on the mantleplace to keep the kids away from the fire, thats what we used to do with Paul Heavey photos

Puck dropped we are away

DEvils start with Birbraer, Smith and Michel

Puck out of play @ 0:21

Devils miss two passes in opening 30 seconds

Devils icing @ 1:30

Levers starting on Adams

Looks as if Hicks has a camera on helmet, some would say what needs is Sat Nav to keep up with the play

Grear skill by Finnerty, lays it up in front of Panthers net - nobody there

Gametime 2:30

Panthers penalty @ 2:45 - Lachowicz - tripping

Devils pp still on the bus

Devils shot deflected wide @ 4:01

Panthers kill penalty

Adams taking his regular shift and playing well

Devils icing @ 6:11

Devils creating chances

Devils penalty @ 7:29 - Michel - tripping

Voth has great sh chance but saved

Devils breakaway after Panthers had messed up a greeat scoring opportunity

Miller is playing , some thought he was sick

Devils penalty @ 9:04 Hartwick - hooking minor + 10 min misconduct

Panthers offside @ 9:33

Panthers not doing well on pp

When will the Devils players learn to button it?

Panthers netminder looking shaky

Devils kill penalty

Birbraer hit on Lachowicz

Birbraer hit on Lachowicz

Panthers penalty Lee, Devils penalty Miller roughing minors @ 12:57

Must cheap beer in Aberystwuth as Keith is late joining us

Voth misses chance in front @ 16:05

Panthers icing @ 16:50

Panthers penalty Dominic D @ 15:59 - tripping

DEvils PP off the bus and now in 1st gear

Both teams are coughing up sh opportunities whilst on pp

Panthers kill penalty

Panthers icing @ 18:14

Adams shot from blueline saved by St Pierre @18:16

Capt Voth is the best for the DEvils so far

Panthers icing @ 19:58

Sorry 18:58

Panthers penalty @ 19:35 Clarke - slashing

Save St Pierre

Devils penalty - Voth - hooking

End of first period Panthers 0 DEVILS 0

Penalty on Voth timed at 19:51

Devils playing well and giving Panthers a game

If only the Devils can cut out the silly penalties, Hartwick shouting his mouth off and Voth hooking after we had gained control of the puck in the Panthers end on the pp are examples of stupidity

Panthers return to the ice

So are the Devils

SoG Devils 10 Panthers 7

16 sec pp for Panthers

2nd period underway

Panthers offside @ 20:16

Panthers return to full strength

2 on 1 save by St Pierre

Hartwick back

Lyle save @ 21:15

Panthers off side

Voth back, Devils at full strength

Good save by Lyle @ 22:51

Panthers Goal @ 23:03

Scored by Mann, assist Clarke

Lyle had made 3 good saves but no D

Devils offside @ 23:55

Absolutely shocking defence play, they couldn;t clear a schoiol yard when the ice cream man is outside

Panthers penalty Clarke - hooking @ 25:38

Panthers 2nd goal scored by Neilson , assists Mann & McAslan

Lyle could do nothing to stop 2nd goal

Great save Lyle @ 27:38

WE missed a Panthers penalty sorry,

Towe shot saved

Panthers penalty - Bergin - hooking @ 28:46

Panthers kill penalty

Another pathetic pp from the Devils

Michel taking a shift on D for Devils

Panthers icing @ 32:02

Big Lyle save @ 33:32

Latulippe coughs up puck and PANTHERS score

Panthers 3rd goal @ 34:16 scored by Mann, assust McAslan

D gone AWOL once again

Panthers 4th goal @ 34:42

We will be lucky to come second in this game

Scored again by Mann assis Mcaslan

Gone very quiet

Puck out of play @ 36:20

Devils return to full strength

In all that Latulippee took a holding minor @ 36:03

In all that Latulippee took a holding minor @ 36:03

Last minute of period

End of 2nd Panthers 4 DEVILS 0

Period finished with Smith & Birbraer colliding in mid ice - sums up the period

Sorry for the confusion & delay towards the end of that period but I have never had to censor texts as much as I have tonite.

Roster changes are needed, does anyone know of an BOGOF deals on defencemen or better still a Morrison's Buy 1 Get 2 free

General feeling is that Stevie Lyle couldn't be blamede for any of the four goals.

The view in Nottingham is that we have too many "soft" centres and not enough "rock" defencemen

Sog 2nd period Devils 8 Panthers 11

Teams are out for the 3rd period

We are off for the third

That mystery goal woke you all up didn't it

MNL is a hit for away games even if the team isn't

My virgin tewxters are doing really well

2 minutes gone of absolute nothing

I'm going to tell it as they tell me for now

Finnerty creates another chance but not taken

Devils performance tonight is worse than Sunday in Coventry

Maxi doesn't look bothered

Maxi messes about behind own net, Panthers steal it and puck is on the net, Panthers fans think it is in the net - no goal

Finnerty tripped into goal @44:40, he's not a happy bunny

Devils player hitting boards with stick etc, shame they cant put as much effort into their play

Devils penalty @ 46:15 - Finnerrty - hooking

Silly penalty

h shot saved @ 46:00

Lyle save @ 47:07

Stevie Lyle keeping this result respectable

Two more good saves from Lyle

Panthers icing @ 48:24

Stone shot @ 48:25


Latulippe misses a clear chance in front of net

He missed a sitter @ 50:05

Panther penalty @ 51:18 Gascon - slashing

Panthers icing @ 51:48

Ben Davies on the PP showing them how iots done

Panthers laughing in our faces at times

Panthers penalty @53:40 - Dominic D - slashing

Ben on pp again, time to bin an import if they are not good enough for pp

Panthers freeze puck @ 53:50

DEvils playing as individuals again, how anyone can argue that is not a coaching issue I don't know

PP shocking

Devils Penalty @ 54:52 - Finnerty

Devils Penalty @ 54:52 - Finnerty

Hooking was the call

Panthers back to full strength and go on pp

Devils penalty @ 55:10 - Birbraer - holding

He was only tired of doing nothing

Lyle save @ 56:01

I know it didn't happen many times in my days but I tell when we played badly that when cowards like me Heather and Taffy beat a retreat.

I know it didn't happen many times in my days but I tell when we played badly that when cowards like me Heather and Taffy beat a retreat.

Devils back to full strength

D'armour hurt and sat on bench

Last minute

Panthers goal @ 59:47 scored by Levers assist Clarke

WE are shit

Final score Panthers 5 Devils 0

In Boxing - it would have been declared a NO CONTEST In Racing we would have had a STEWARDS INQUIRY In Cycling we would tested them all for drugs, alchol and brains

Devils MoM - Mark Richardson

Texters thought it should have been Stevie Lyle

Panthers MoM - Kevin St Pierre

Our thanks go to our texters Simon, Dan and Pete, safe journey home lads

SoG for 3rd period Devils 12 Panthers 9

It will be interesting to hear what the other fravelling Devils fans thought of it, my texters found it embarrassing

Thats all from me OJ until the next time