Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 3 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL for tonights visit of the Coventry Blaze

Please join me (OJ) later for the 6pm face off

Remember score predictions are always welcomed at

It would be nice to hear from Devils fans who have managed to get away and spend Christmas in some exotic place. NO STACEY I DON'T MEAN BARRY ISLAND

Checking up on my texters as they make their way to the TENT on a wet and miserable Boxing night.

I can tell you that we don't have Darnell in charge tonight as he is at Newcastle

Andy Carson has the whistle at Nottingham

Who have we got?

A full team of texters tonight, I suppose glad to get out of the house

Players starting to drift onto the ice, not looking very keen

Devils without Latulippe as his game penalty was UPGRADED to a Match penalty

10 minutes of warm up left

Ben Davies icing after his World championships Gold Medal. No sign of Hayes yet

No score prediction from Mark but he forecasts a fight or three

Kauto Star's winning distance reminds me of the ease with which the DEvils were winning the Premier League title in the early 19990's

Rhodri predicts a 3-2 OT win for the Devils

Ice is being prepared for tonights clash

Where have all my texters gone?

To clarify, Latulippe got a game pen against Steelers which has been upgraded to a match, so he misses ONE game

Keith calls it 5-4 for the Devils

Big crowd at the Tent with a large contingent of away fans

Hicks has the whistle

Intro time

Blaze on the ice, still a queue to get in

Devils come onto the ice

Devils wearing CC sweaters for some reason

No Hayes tonight

Symonds icing as is Davies

Slight delay as they try and get everyone into the Tent


Puck dropped to start game

Puck dropped to start game

Devils starting line Jarvis & Richardson: Voth, Hill & Finnerty

Hirsch save @ 33 secs

Michel nails Lee

Big crowd enjoying an end to end start to the game

Devils throwing hit after hit

Devils penalty @ 0:58 Michel - charging

Big save from Lyle

Blaze hit pipes

Devils kill penalty

Handbags as Devils continue with hits

Devils penalty @ 3:18 - Adams - charging

Adams penalty was for a hit on Campbell

Can't be long until there is a major fight etc

Miller nails Hirsch who as closer to blueline than goal line

Voth and Campbell have discussions @ 4:31, linos step in

Great atmosphere in the Tent

Blaze penalty @ 4:31 - Hirsch - high sticks

Devils penalty @ 4:31 Miller - charging

Lee sits out Hirsch penalty

4 on 4 makes it even more open

Blaze back to full strength



Voth v Campbell

Devils 1st goal @ 6:23

Good fight won by Voth

Devils goal scored by Smith

Voth & Campbell both get fighting majors @ 6:24


Devils 2nd goal @ 7:35 scored by Jarvis, assists Finnerty & Birbraer

Devils penalty Finnerty - hooking @ 7:58

Birbraer nails Henry, awesome hit

Devils back to full strength

Devils offside @ 10:15

Lyle save @ 10:29

Hill nails Carlson

To be fair Devils are spreading the hits around


Devils 3rd goal @ 11:55 scored by Hill, assists Jarvis & Finnerty

Voth & CAmpbell return


Devils 4th goal @ 12:44 scored by Michel, assists Smith & Birbraer

Hill floors Cowley


Jarvis puches Calder so Stewart jumps in

Jarvis win @ 14:03

Blaze pens @14:03 Stewart 5 - fighting, 10 min misconduct, 2 mins - instigator

Devils penalty - Jarvis 5 - fighting + 2 - roughing

Blaze goal

Blaze 1st goal scored by Carlson, assists Chambers & WEaver @ 14:59

Correction - goal scored by Fulghum

Blaze 2nd goal scored by Cowley @ 15:45

Blaze penalty @ 16:21 - Lee - tripping

Assists on Blaze 2nd goal go to Chambers and Robinson (delayed penalty goal)

Devils icing @ 17:00 whilst on pp

Sort this out Devils you can't give 4-0 leads away so tamely

Good save by Hirsch @ 17:36

Lets have a ppg Devils

Blaze kill penalty

Hirsch save @ 18:23

Devils pp crap says Chris

Another Hirsch save @ 18:33

Devils penalty @ 19:06 - Finnerty - holding

Lyle save @ 19:39

End of 1st Period DEVILS 4 Blaze 2

Amazing game by all accounts

Blaze fans giving a good impression of a gang of parrots - they only have one chant "We are number 1" bless them

Devils lost their 4 goal advantage as they began to coast


We are underway for 2nd period 1:07 pk for Devils until Finnerty returns

Sog Devils 13 Blaze 10

Lyle saves @21:03

Jarvis back after major penalty

Finnerty returns

Puck out of play @ 22:24

Goal light comes on @ 22:47 - no goal

Brain capacity determines how many chants you can learn

Blaze icing @23:22

Davies giving Robinson the run around

Hirsch save @ 24:56

Handbags at Blaze net @ 25:14 - no penalties

Handbags at Blaze net @ 25:14 - no penalties

2nd period calm after frantic opener

Voth nailed by Lee

Not a fight really, draw @ 25:29

Voth called for 2nd major - ejected

Blaze penalty - Lee 5 minute major for fighting @25:29

Devils penalty Voth 2 + 5 + 10

Voth not ejected by goes to dressing room

Davies sits Voth minor penalty

Blaze offside @ 26:16

Devils on a 3 on 5 pk for 40 seconds

Apologies I am not getting texts relating to 1st period

Devils penalty @ 36:50 Adams -

To clarify all penalties now served (other than majors) both teams at full strength

Blaze penalty @ 29:11 - Fulghum - hooking

Devils get that PP into gear

30 minutes gone

Michel floored

Devils pp still crap

Blaze return to ful strength

Devils offside @ 31:17

Penalty boxes empty - amazing, Voth is in the dressing room serving his 10 minute misconduct

Good Hirsch save @ 33:10 from Miller breakaway

Correction that Adams penalty was at 26:50 - slashing

Another good Hirsch save @ 33:40

Blaze penalty @ 34:25 -0 Lee - cross checking

Birbraer hits pipes

Blaze penalty @ 34:50 - Stewart - delay of game

Devils on 3 for 3 for 1:36

Correction last Blaze penalty was against Watkins


Devils 5th goal @ 35:27 scored by Jarvis, assists Birbraer and Smith - PPG

Devils still on pp

Blaze penalty @ 36:38 - Lee - delay of game

Blaze back to 4 skaters

1:48 of Devils pp

Miller floors Campbell

Blaze return to full strength

Final minute of 2nd period

Blaze icing @ 39:48

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Blaze 2

My information is that Brad Voth got a major for fighting and a 10minute misconduct

Both teams return to the ice

I have been tryiong to get clarification of Brad Voth as I was under the impression that 2 fighting majors attracted automatic game penalty

Voth is in penalty box not dressing room

We are off for the 3rd period

Third period starts with end to end action

Blaze icing at 41:18

Voth returns first stoppage after 42:29

Blaze penalty @ 42:05 - Calder - x- checking

Devils penalty - Miller - x-checking both at 42:00

Voth returns

Devils penalty @ 43:20 - Hartwick - holding

Referee Hicks trying to make a game of it say my texters

Miller & Calder return

Blaze Timeout @ 44:00

Devils penalty @ 44:00 - Jarvis - delay of game

Blaze PPG goal @ 44:08 - Fulghum

Assists for Calder & WEaver

Cracking save from Lyle

Devils return to full strength

Blaze icing @ 46:18

Good Hirsch save @ 46:41

Blaze forced to clear puck from their goalline

Miller breakaway, tripped - no penalty

Lyle save @ 48:26

Devils icing @ 49:04

50 minutes gone

Devils have shortened their bench, especially their D corps

Devils penalty @ 50:53 - Birbraer - tripping

51 minutes gone

Towe goes close on SH chance, Hirsch deflects it over goal

Although on the PK Devils are creating the clear chances

Devils back to full strength

Blaze icing @ 52:56

Another Blaze icing @ 53:08

Hirsch save @ 53:33

Another Hirsch save @ 53:46

Yet anther Hirsch save @ 54:06

Blaze penalty @ 54:19 bench minor - too many men

Campbell sitting out the Bench minor

Thompson arguing like mad over penalty

55 minutes gone, Devils pp still crap

Campbell back after the worst Devils pp ever

57 minutes gone

Final 2 minutes


Devils 6th goal @ 58:06 scored by Finnerty, assists Hill & Jarvis

Lyle save @ 58:59

Blaze hit pipes

Hirsch save @ 59:27

Hirsch save @ 59:27

Final score DEVILS 6 Blaze 3

Blaze MoM - Fulghum

Devils MoM - Wes Jarvis

Thanks to our texters, Wildthing, Merthyr Devil, Devils2001, Paul, Sharlene and Chris S

If yoy are not travelling to Coventry for the game tomorrow why not join me (OJ) at MNL as we try and douse the Blaze a 2nd time this weekend

Thats all from me until we get together for the return game in Coventry on Christmas Sunday - OJ