Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 0 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL on a cold dark December evening. OJ your host.

Teams news - no Cloutier for Hull & Jarvis ices for the Devils

Texters reporting in from the Tent

No news yet who has the whistle

Send me your game redictions & anyother information to

Marc thinks (& hopes ) Finnerty will find the back of the Hull net tonight

GB under 20s win gold after 5-4 win (after penalties) over Hungary

Very quiet on the e-mail front is anyone out there or are you all still out shopping

Does anyone know whether its freezing down west? I need to get a few winners at Ffos Las on Monday to pay for Christmas prezzies.

Finny's crowd down the City have really excelled themselves today with the cancellation of todays game

The pipes for underground heating are in place but they didn't buy the bioler that makes it operational

Texters now reporting in, the general feeling is that we are in for a boring game as everyone looks forward to Santas visit

All I can say is can Santa gives us some early presents in the form of league points this weekend

Keith calls it a 5-2 win for the Devils, he says its snowing in Aberystwyth

Texters now tell me that Wes Jarvis is not icing


Marc calls it 6-3 to the DEvils

A query on whether the referee has turned up as there are only two linesmen on the ice

Symonds icing for Devils

Anthem time

Hull only have 11 skaters plus 2 netminders

Game starts with two men refereeing system

Game starts with two men refereeing system

Hull icing after 35 secs

Hill has an early chance to open Devils account but is poked checked

Devils penalty @ 1:32 - Miller - interference

Darnell threw a sicky so we have 2 blind mice refereeing

Lyle has to make a recovery save after coughing up a rebound

Adam Knight mouthing off at DEvils bench

Devils kill penalty

Penalties @ 3:46 Knight (hull) & Miller (Devils)

Both got slashing minors

Loose puck in front of Hull net whistled down when it clearly wasn't covered

Miller & KNight return

Hull Net knocked off its mooring @ 6:14

Latulippe hits pipes

Michel hitting everthing especially Knight

Hull penalty @7:07 - Thompson - interference

Knight and Voth niggling each other

Sandahl save @ 7:47

Game time 7:55

Good pressure from Devils but Hull defending well

Carl is it snowing in Carmarthen

Hull kill penalty

Smith hits the pipes

WE need bigger goals

Keith was asking how can the game go on without a referee

Its all Devils but no goals

Finnerty goes coast to coast but shoots wide

Devils offside @ 12:14

With a two man referee system one goes deep and the other staus on the blue line, the only problem is with two line passes etc

Devils go close on another goalmouth scramble

Hull icing @ 12:58

Bibraer has a shot saved by Sandahl

Smith has clear chance but looses control of the puck

Big Sandahl save @ 14:11

Silverthorn almost puts puck into his own goal

Big hit by Phil Hill on Knight

Devils are playing well but not scoring

Lyle 2nd save of the night @ 16:38

Hull penalty @ 17:30 - Silverthorn - hooking

Devils penalty @ 17:56 - Miller - high sticks

Birbraer throws a massive check on Hull blueline

Last minute of 1st period

Sandahl save @ 19:03

Miller penalty was for slashing not high sticks

Devils penalty @ 19:34 - Smith - hooking

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Hull 0

Comment from the Tent - "Hull seems to bring out the worst in us, don't know why Devils haven't scored"

Quite a game at Nottingham, Panthers 4-0 up against Capitals after 9 minutes but by the end of 1st period it is 4-3

The ice is ready for the 2nd period waiting for the teams to reappear

DEvils will have 1:34 to kill at start of period

WE are underway for the 2nd period

Devils kill penalty with ease


Ice flooded by Teddies

Goal scored by Smith assisted Finnerty @ 21:44

Teddies have been gathered and we are on with the game

Lets have a second goal you Devils, we can all be greedy at Christmas

Voth gets hip checked by some brave Stingray

Gomenyuk was the brave one

Finnerty, Birbraer and Michel looking good

With 5 minutes of 2nd period gone game has returned to its moribund state


Yes Dez we hope everyone gets home safely from sunny del Cardiff

Devils offside @ 6:59

'm losing it 26:59

Sandahl makes 2 good saves from Towe and Miller

Why has Knight gone quiet?

Devils icing @ 28:06


Scored by Voth assists Birbraer and Finnerty @ 29:04

Voth netted a rebound with a backhanded shot

Sog for 1st period DEVILS 15, Hull 7

Hull shot goes high and wide after a deflection @ 30:51

DEvils penalty @ 31:12 - Michel - delay of game

Correction it was a Hull penalty - Mitchell

Devils trying to establish pp unit

Birbraer misses an empty net

Game time 32:16

Hull breakaway through Silverthorn - Lyle saves

Hull kill penalty


DEvils 3td goal scored by Hill, assist Latulippe

Latulippe dekes Hull player and passes to Hill who has an empty net to shoot at

Goal timed at 33:43 2nd assist Adams

Hull penalty - Knight - tripping @ 34:15

Hull kill penalty

Lyle saves @ 35:59 after DEvils defence go walkabout


Devils 4th goal scored by Michel @ 38:01

Assists for Birbraer & Jarvis

Where has Finnerty gone 2 goals and no assists for him

DEvils penalty @ 39:26 - too many men

Correction that bench minor was against Hull not Cardiff

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Hull 0

Brad Voth went to the dressing room before the end of the period, we don't know why.

Keith is it still snowing in Aber?

Carl I hope it it not snowing or freezing in Carmarthen

Balmy 5C in Aberystwyth says Keith

SoG for 2nd period Devils 16, Hull 5

If my memory serves me well that makes 31-12 SoG so far tonight

3rd period underway

3rd period underway

Devils Goal

PPG for Devils @ 40:40 scored by Birbraer

Assists for Voth & Jarvis

Miller & Knight having a discussion

No penalties called

c1,400 at the Tent tonite

Sandahl save @ 43:20

Hard working Sandahl not very happy, who can blame him

Gametime 45:00

CRacking save from Lyle, who could be easily excused for having a sleep


Burns v Voth

Fight @ 45:26

Fight @ 45:26

Not a good fight, Voth threw a few but mostly they missed

Penalties on the way

Hull Penalties - Gomenyuk - tripping minor: Burns major - fighting

Voth get minor for x-checking, minor for instigatinf and major for fighting

Symonnds sits Voth minor penalties

5 on 4 in favour of Hull

Hull bench minor for unsportsmanlike conduct (coach)

Bench penalty was @ 46:24

DEvils now on pp, Towe hits pipes

Lyle saves from a Huppe breakaway

Lyle save @ 48:27

Gametime 50:00

Lyle is called upon to save the blushes of Devils defence time and time again

Hull penalty @ 50:18 - Huppe - hooking

Burns returns to the game

Adam Knight clocking up massive minutes on ice time, no wander he is not mouthing off, he has to conserve his energy

Hull penalty @ 51:19 - delay of game

Hull penalty was to Haldakis

Hull back to 4 skaters

Knight left the ice for 10 seconds

Hull back to full strength

SAndahl saves from Birbraer @ 53:55

Blaze winning 4-2 in Belfast deep in 3rd period

Michel having his normal brilliant game


Devils 5th goal scored by ???

AWaiting confirmation as there was a delayed poenalty on Devils

Goal stands, scored by Birbraer

Devils penalty @ 56:38 - Finnerty - hooking

Final 2 minutes

Devils 6th goal scored by Birbraer unassisted @ 55:26

Devils kill penalty

Hull have a chance at 59:06

Lyle saves

21 secs left in game

Assist on Devils 6th goal to Latulippe

Final score - DEVILS 6 Hull 0

Hull MoM - Halkidis

Devils MoM - Stevie Lyle

Our thanks go to our texters tonight, Merthyr Devil, Wildthing, Paul, Sharlene, Hannah friend and the big boss Chris S

That's all from me (OJ) until the next one. Have a nice Christmas but don't get too drunk as we have a game on Boxing Day