Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Belfast Giants

Just over 1 hour to go until a Devils victory! Chris is your host tonight and as usual can be reached at

30 minutes till gametime, anyone alive out there?!

10 minutes to go! Anyone alive out there? It's awfully quiet :(

Russky is alive \o/ Prediction? Devils 3-2 Giants

Poor crowd at the rink tonight according to texters :(

Keith is also alive - wahay! Devils 4-3 winners, lets hope so!

Only one block full at the big blue tent tonight, rest are half empty :(

Confirmed, Jarvis not in the lineup for the Devils again :(

Finnerty wearing shirt #61 for the Devils, Jarvis definitely, 100% not on the ice...

"Finnerty gets a standing ovation" \o/


Darnell is the man in charge tonight :(

Apparently Mcmorrow is dancing on the blue line, no one knows why...

Devils starting line tonight... Birbraer, Finnerty and Michel

Marc predicting 3-2 Devils win!

10 seconds in and Finnerty has nailed someone

2nd line comes out, Voth Hill and Latulippe!

Giants 2on1 opportunity but pass is intercepted \o/

3rd line of Miller, Smith and Towe!

Good lord those are potentially some exciting lines!

Oooooooooooooooooooohhhh, Devils hit the pipes

Mcmorrow trying to go with Miller, nothing happening... yet....

Giants icing at 2:39

Mcmorrow hits Michel before puck is dropped, maybe he's angry no one appreciated his dancing...

No texts, I guess the handbags didn't amount to anything

No, wait, Mcmorrow has a penalty! He goes to the box to the tune of little donkey...

Giants penalty at 3:08. Mcmorrow 2mins for interference

Powerplay is nothing great so far :S

Apparently when Mcmorrow and Miller were handbagging, Darnell just stood and watched but didn't call anything

Giants kill the penalty easy

Devils trying to calm the game down, cycling the puck behind Lyle and then icing at 6:05

If we're too biased for you, then bugger off and use someone elses services you dense idiots!

*ahem* sorry about that

Giants putting pressure on the Devils now

Devils clear the puck, but Giants straight back into zone with it

Devils have slowed down, they were all over the Giants to start with but the roles have been reversed

Birbraer shot goes high, but Devils finally attacking a little bit

Murphy save after a shot from Stone of all people...

Hartwick with a chance now, but Murphy saves at 8:58

Texters think Michel deserves a goal, as usual he's chansing and hitting everything, getting a shot off at every opportunity

Devils gifted a breakaway, but Murphy poke checks and stops Miller...

Both teams throwing themselves into each other, big checks all round

Just over 10mins gone

Devils penalty at 10:48. Richardson 2mins for tripping

Devils win the faceoff and immediately clear the puck

Michel gets shorthanded chance but Murphy saves

Another Devils penalty...

Devils penalty at 11:09. Miller 2mins for holding.

Giants have a 3on5 powerplay for 1:31...

Devils clear the puck, 3on5 for 1minute...

Big save from Lyle, Giants really putting the pressure on us

Puck out of play, 26seconds of 3on5 left

Devils manage to clear, Giants player kills a Devil to regain possession

Richardson back, 4on5 for 15seconds!

Ah no wait, we have a penalty!

Giants penalty at 12:24, Szwez 2mins cross checking

It's 3on4 for 15 seconds!

Richardson is now back!

Miller back, Devils on the powerplay!

Ooooooooooooooooooh... Finnerty is denied by the pipework...

Devils wasted half the powerplay passing in our own zone

Shot from Hill just wide

Walsh pushes Finnerty into nets, Darnell refuses to blow whistle despite nets off by about 3 foot...

Giants back to full strength


Smith dekes a Giants player who procedes to fall over...

Devils 1st goal at 14:45. Smith from Romfo and Finnerty

So Finnerty has his 1st points on the board!

Lyle smothers puck, Giants digging hard to try and retrieve but Lyle has it

McMorrow playing on a line with Shields...

Giants called for icing at 15:49

Devils playing well and creating some good chance, but Giants not playing badly, need more goals :)

Devils penalty coming :(

Devils penalty at 16:57. Romfo 2mins for hooking

And the Giants equalise :(

Devils can't clear Giants from the zone, shot finds its way past lyle with ease :(

Giants setup well in Devils zone, shot came from near faceoff circle

Giants 1st goal at 17:30. Jacobsen from #26. PPG

And we're into the last minute of the 1st period!

#26 for Giants is Benedict. So goal reads... Jacobsen from Benedict at 17:30. PPG.

Devils called for offside at 19:11, almost had breakaway chance


The ninja that is Voth tips a wrist shot in from point...

Devils 2nd goal at 19:38.

Some texters think Romfo scored, others say Voth


Adams and Mcmorrow are fighting! Goooooooooooooo Adams!

Devils 2nd goal announced as scored by Romfo, assist to Richardson and Hill!

Adams and Mcmorrow are fighting! Goooooooooooooo Adams!

No sign of Voth in the goal...

Szwez drops Finnerty after he shot puck after buzzer, Adams and Mcmorrow fight...

Seems all the handbags happened after the buzzer...

Adams was floored but got up and restarted fight with Mcmorrow but was pushed over...

After the fight, McMorrow does a gun shot gesture at Voth, should we all be morally offended!?

McMorrow tapped Adams on head after fight, apparently a good display from Adams but a clear win for McMorrow

Seems penalties will be called at the start of the 2nd period

Gosh this is exciting :)

So, end of 1st period, Devils lead 2-1 :D

Texters report Finnerty was clear on breakaway when Buzzer went but had already lined the shot up, Szwez took offence and started...

Seems penalties are all timed at 20:00 and are as follows...

Giants penalties. Szwez and McMorrow each get 5minutes for fighting.

Devils penalties. Adams and Hartwick(??) each get 5minutes for fighting.

"Devils started all over the Giants, evened up, and then Giants had all the chances. Devils the better team towards the end of the 1st but result could go either way"

5minutes till we restart and the Devils take a commanding lead! FACT.

Apparently Adams lost half/all of his shirt in the fight, no ones sure if it just ripped or fight strap was dodgy, but it's not been called... yet...

Giants goal details changed. Should now read... Jacobsen from Benedict and Shields

Shots on goal for 1st, 8 on Lyle, 11 on Murphy

And here we go with the 2nd period!

Giants penalty at 10:18. Shields 2mins for interference

Giants player down, blocked a shot and hasn't got back up, not sure who it is though :S

Thornton took puck to the leg, apparently not a hard shot but he's carried from the ice

Richardson shot just saved by Murphy

Devils offside at 21:49.

Giants penalty kill is looking impressive so say texters

giants kill penalty with ease, Devils had real problems setting up

And it's all gone quiet...

Big save from Murphy, Latulippe playing well again

Murphy save at 23:43

Wonder if the 2nd line - now back to it's original form - will help Latulippe?

Devils have most of the possession, but it's mostly quiet

All players come out of penalty box at next whistle, can we expect carnage? :P

Giants called for icing at 26:00 exactly, Adams, Hartwick, Szwez and McMorrow return...

Just as whistle went Voth shot glanced the pipework and went out of play, 26:00

Devils called for icing at 26:22

Giants mess up, had good chance and chose to pass rather than shoot, Devils regain possession

Oooooooooooooooof, Adams shot hits the cross bar :(

Devils had 2on1, Murphy made the save and rebound went to Adams who hit the cross bar :(

Giants breakaway slows down for some reason and Devils manage to get themselves behind the puck again...

Ooooooooooooooh, Voth hits the cross bar this time!

We're almost there, just a couple of inches down and across and we'll have it :)

Devils on the defence, all those shots on the pipework must have spurred them on :E

Lyle has dropped a couple of saves but the Devils defence has saved him...

Devils called for icing at 31:30

Thornton back on the ice, good to hear

Mcmorrow dancing on the Giants bench to shouts of love from the Devils faithful *ahem*

Big save from Murphy just sees the puck cleared off the line, handbags from Miller and Phillips jnr...

And we've done it, several inches down and across...


Finnerty gets infront of Murphy for close range shot, rebound goes straight to Devils player who drills it home \o/

Devils 3rd goal at 33:31. Michel from Finnerty and Birbraer

And I believe that's Birbraers 200th career EIHL assist?

or maybe that's 100th :)

Giants penalty at 33:34. Szwez 2mins for elbows

Confusion reigns over whether Birbraers assist counts as this is a cup game, not a league game

Another big save from Murphy, Smith gets awfully close this time

35minutes gone!

Devils powerplay better than previously

Giants kill the penalty and almost gifted an opportunity but somehow the Devils defence manages to skate back in time

Devils offside at 36:41. Handbags...

Birbraer hit Szwez mid ice, Sxwez is mortally wounded and chases Birbraer across the ice, Voth steps in and we have handbags!

Mcmorrow steps in...

But somehow Darnell regains control, it's a miracle!

McMorrow receives a stern talking to from Darnell... Yeah right.

Apparently Birbraer went to hit Szwez and then pulled out but just clipped knees, Szwez not happy at all

Romfo having a BRILLIANT game by all accounts :D

Hartwick shot saved, very good save indeed from Murphy

Giants draw Lyle out of nets but Cheverie misses the open net!

Giants called for icing at 28:43

That should of course read 38:43!

And we're into the last minute, Giants called for offside

Massive save from Murphy at 39:48, Smith with a gigantic shot...

But that's it, Devils lead 3-1 at the end of the 2nd period

So at the end of the 2nd period, Devils had more possession and opportunities, Giants are creating chances but passing once too many when they should be shooting...

About 5minutes left I guess till 3rd period and victory!

Teams back out for the 3rd, come on Devils!

And we're off, the 3rd period has begun!


Easy goal for the Devils apparently! Good setup and execution!

Devils 4th goal timed at 40:40. Voth from Hill and Finnerty!

And that's Finnertys 3rd assist of the evening!

Shots on goal for the 2nd, 9 on Lyle, 17 on Murphy!

Devils penalty at 42:11. Towe 2mins for hooking.

Finnerty on a wind up mission, whistle blows but he keeps skating like he's going to shoot but slowly turns around laughing at the Giants :E

1min of powerplay gone, Giants struggling to setup

Giants turn to hit the cross bar!

Devils kill the penalty and we're back to 5on5!

Thornton blocks another shot and heads straight for bench, looks to be pain again

Hartwick nails Mcmorrow \o/

Expect retribution towards the end of the game I suppose...

Giants shoot at open net after Lyle is drawn out, Lyle dives back across the ice and somehow gets stick to it

Puck out of play at 47:20

Voth hits the cross bar *again*


Devils breakaway, pass is blocked but it bounces back to another Devils player who one times it in \o/


5-1, ooooooooh yes!

Devils 5th goal at 48:18. Birbraer unassisted!

Oh how I wish I was there!

50minutes gone, 10minutes to score a couple more goals!

Giants get a breakaway but puck goes wide into netting

Giants getting some pressure on the Devils, Bateman shot saved by Lyle

And it's all gone quiet...

It's the quiet before the storm :E

Puck out of play at 53:45

Big save from Lyle sees the Giants denied...

Giants goal :(

Giants 2nd goal at 54:14. Details coming hopefully

Devils are disputing the 2nd goal, apparently Lyle was involved in a knife fight...

Seems the goal stands, Giants 2nd goal at 54:14. Szwez from Walsh.

And we're into the last 5minutes, come on Devils!

Giants penalty at 55:11. Cheverie 2mins for interference.

Giants get 2on1 break but the passing goes horribly wrong and Devils in control again

Emailers calling for Szwez to be flattened for daring to ruin our 4 goal lead!

Devils powerplay not so good this time around

Giants get another break, but Lyle makes the save and the Giants return to 5 skaters

under 3minutes remaining, come on Devils a couple more goals please!

Oooooooooooooooooooh, Devils hit the pipework *again*

Mcmorrow dancing on the Giants bench again, flexing his muscles and shooting the crowd with his comedy finger

is he simple?

Devils breakaway but we lose control and Murphy makes the save

Smith with the breakaway, but the puck was too quick even for him

Into the last 2 minutes!

Giants on the attack, they're looking really hungry to pull another goal back...

But it's all over!

Devils win 5-2!

Devils win 5-2!

Giants MoM goes to Benedict

Devils MoM - Birbraer \o/

Devils MoM - Birbraer!

So Finnerty with 0+3 on his debut, Birbraer with his 100th career EIHL assist *maybe*

But that's all from me, thanks for tuning in!