Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 2 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Oj on duty at MNL Welcome to MNL for tonights big game at Sheffield The texters are in position I am told and ready for the face off.

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No news so far from our lads in the North

Moray Hanson is the referee

Good Devils support by all accounts.

Reports that Face off may be delayed for 10minutes

Derek Campbell took part in warm-up

Likit sitting amongst the Devils fans

Devils come onto the ice

Steelers on the ice

No sittings so far of you know who

Campbell is icing

Andrew Sharp greeted with derison by Devils fans

The hare is running and we are off

Voth, Silverthorn, Prpich 1st line

2:22 easy save by Aubry

At 3:00 Prprich shoots high

@3:26 Lehman saves

Aubry giving up too many rebounds by all accounts

Good fast open game

@5:00 Lehman saves from Voth

End to end neither team dominating

@6:44 Aubry has to make two saves in a few seconds

@7:30 Phillips has words with Hartwick

Around 40-50 Devils fans in Sheffield

Puck cleared just short of Devils goal line @9:03

Mid way through opener Aubry has to make another save

Devils penalty - Prpich - interference minor @10:34

Sharp is getting regular shilts without goonery

Penalty killed by Devils

Steelers taking a lot of shots at Devils net

@14:00 All Steeler skaters trying to wind up Voth

15 mins gone

Anybody out there, I know Ruth is there anyone else?

Aubry saves then Sheffield hits pipes at 15:35

Three minutes left in opener

Steeler Penalty @ 17:04 - Finnerty tripping minor

Lets see what the Devils pp unit can do

Still end to end by all aounts , save by Lehman followed by save by Aubry

Last two minutes

Devils seem to operate a DUMP and DO NOT CHASE

Last minute of 1st period

ubry still coughing up rebounds as the period comes to an end

End of first period Steelers 0 DEVILS 0

All Devils shots have been long range

Highlight of first period, cracking hit by Phil Hill on Tait.

By all accounts Kinks is doing better

Sorry Hinks

Welcome to MNL to Mike from Rhoose

Time for a coffee

According to Chris we will only score if we have a lucky break.

Devils a playing a negative game, which is OK on the road so long as you have a reliable defence corps, which we haven't had so far this season

Second period starts

Lady luck on Devils side as Steelers miss empty net @ 21:04

Aubry makes another save @ 21:37

Thomas comes off worst in a check @ 21:45

Trying to get info on SoG must be 100s v 3

Steelers penalty - Talbot spearing Major @22:30

Devils penalty Voth tripping minor @ 23:00

SoG Steelers 17 Devils 5

Steelers penalty shot @ 23:36

Aubry saves Legues penalty shot

Steelers Thomas injured

4 on 4

Penalty shot was against Aubry for displacing net

Voth returns to the ice, Devils pp for 2:34

25 minutes gone and the Devils pp is shocking

@ 26:15 Devils called for icing whilst on powerplay

1:05 left of powerplay, one day we might shoot the puck in anger

Devils waste 5minutes powerplay

28 minutes gone, more rebounds off Aubry

Devils penalty - Jarvis hooking minor @ 28:51

Lets see if the penalty killing unit can do the business

Getting a bit heated out there

Aubry saves @ 29:20

Aubry makes an amazing save off a deflection @ 29:30

Now Prpich clears Devils goal line midway thru 2nd period

Devils kill penalty thanks to a further save from Aubry

31 minutes gone

Talbot penalty of course was 5 + Game for spearing

Now Jarvis clears off the line

Devils penalty - Latulippe interference minor @ 31:58

33 minutes done

Devils kill penalty

Lehman forced into a save

Steelers hit pipes again

Last five minutes of 2nd period

Wes Jarvis is by all accounts having a blinder

36 minutes gone

Third line doing very well I am told

Last two minutes of middle period

Steelers getting frustrated, who wouldn't in Sheffield

Icing against Steeler @ 38:52

Another save from Aubry

We now have a FIGHT

Well handbags really

Lehman throwing punches into a ruck @ 39:43

No penalties called

I bet you all got excited then

Munn tried to goad Voth into a fight

Steelers penalty Munn delay of game minor @ 39:44

End of 2nd period Steelers 0 DEVILS 0

Texters can't work out why Steelers haven't scored

With so many shots being cleared off the Devils line I woner if Aubry has built a liile wall of now on there as a Russian netminder did to the Devils in the European Cup. It didn't stay there long as Hilton Ruggles would skate through the crease at every stoppage

SoG in 2nd period 19-8 so 36-13 so far

My reporters think the 13 to the Devils is very generous

Teams are out for third period

Devils start 3rd period with 1:45 powerplay

Silverthorn shoots high at 41:00

Come on u DEVILS lets have a goal

Game stopped as part of the boards has come loose

Game delayed as they try and fix it, its not BOB WILL FIX IT

No he can't

Its fixed game back on

42 minutes gone another pp wasted

Icing against Devils @ 43:28

No atmosphere at arena

Steelers mess up another great scoring opportunity

Steelers penalty Finnerty tripping minor @ 44:12

Steelers penalty Finnerty tripping minor @ 44:12

Steelers penalty Finnerty tripping minor @ 44:12

Lehman saves at 44:26

Prpich foiled by great Lehman save at 44:50

Wonders will never cease Devils getting SoG on powerplay

Lehman saves from Campbell at 46:21

Steelers kill penalty

47 minutes gone

Very exciting game by all accounts

Devils penalty Hill boarding minor @ 48:31

Steelers miss empty net then score

Steelers ppg @ 48:56

Steelers goal scored by leganue, assist Deganis

50 minutes gone

Another save from Lehman @ 50:50

Steelers goal came from a rocket shot from blueline

52 minutes gone

Devils will have to pull out all the stops if we are to get the equaliser

Devils are playing weell by all accounts

53 minutes gone

Aubry saves @ 53:54

54 minutes gone

The Steelers cheerleaders look like steelworkers

Steelers ice puck @ 54:52

I am only reporting what the cheerleaders look like, I can't see them

One lino has left

55 minutes gone

Jarvis breaks stick at 56 minutes, who needs the News of the World when we bring all the news

Aubry save Lgue breakaway @ 56:45

Steelers penalty Legue interference minor at 56:45

Powerplay is crap (that must be a new hockey term)

58 minutes gone

Sheffield Goal scored by Sarich shg unassisted at 58:24

Aubry leaves net at 58:30

Final minute

All over Steelers 2 Devils 0

All over Steelers 2 Devils 0

2nd Steelerts goal down to error by defence

Devils MoM Aubry

Steelers MoM Lehman

We live to play another day.

Thanks to the texters at Sheffield, have a safe journey home everyone

Thats all from me, OJ, until Sunday night when the Panthers are in town

PS Just had Sog Devils outshot 53-21